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The parameterized linedefs types are Hexen-like action specials with arguments, whose purpose is to be more customizable than the Boom generalized types. When mapping in UDMF, you have to use these parameterized specials instead of the classic parameter-less ones. They're also used in Hexen format maps (which is necessary when Hexen is going to be supported in Eternity), though Hexen format is not recommended or fully supported for other maps than vanilla Hexen in Eternity. To use parameterized specials in classic (Doom) format maps, provide an ExtraData lump by attaching it via EMAPINFO to the map. ACS scripts can also call parameterized specials. They're meant to be as compatible as possible with the ZDoom implementation, so minimal changes to zspecial.acs are needed, though Eternity may have extensions of its own. Most likely however the base zspecial.acs is going to be updated for Eternity. Parameters are only limited to 0-255 in the Hexen format (and some specials may have some legacy workarounds for that interval), but otherwise they're in the normal integer range for other environments (UDMF, ExtraData, ACS). Some specials have never been added to ExtraData, because of their mere purpose being to work under the limits of the Hexen map format.

Each parameterized line special has a name and two associated numbers: one for UDMF, ACS and Hexen formats, and another one for ExtraData support, set this way to avoid conflicts with classic Boom specials (since it's possible to use their number in the editor instead of the 270 "ExtraData special"). If you only see one number mentioned in the documentation, then it's the UDMF number (for ExtraData it's preferred to use the names).

IMPORTANT: all reserved parameters must be set to 0. Failure to do so will result in your maps being broken in later Eternity versions! Also, for "flag" arguments, do not add or provide other values than in the intended range, for the same reason.

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General info[edit]

All sector tags, unless otherwise specified, have a special meaning if 0: that means to affect the sector behind the trigger linedef (like regular doors in vanilla Doom).

Thing tags (TIDs) have special meaning for values 0 and negative: 0 means activator, and -1 to -4 mean to affect players 1 to 4 (if present). Consider other negative values reserved and do not use them in your maps.



UDMF # ExtraData # Name Args Summary
10 302 Door_Close tag, speed, light_tag Closes a door.
11 301 Door_Open tag, speed, light_tag Opens a door.
12 300 Door_Raise tag, speed, delay, light_tag Opens a door temporarily.
13 429 Door_LockedRaise tag, speed, delay, lock, light_tag Opens a locked door.
105 304 Door_WaitRaise tag, speed, delay, timeoffset, light_tag Opens a door temporarily after a delay.
106 305 Door_WaitClose tag, speed, timeoffset, light_tag Closes a door after a delay.
249 303 Door_CloseWaitOpen tag, speed, delay_octics, light_tag Closes a door, waits a bit, then opens it back.
tag: Tag of sector to affect. If it's 0, then the sector behind the linedef will be activated, if applicable.
speed: How fast, in eights of units per tic, the door should move. Doom normal doors are as fast as 16, and blazing doors are 64.
delay: Time in tics (1/35 seconds) for the door before it returns to its opposite movement.
delay_octics: Delay, but expressed in octics, which is eighths of second (i.e. 8 octics = 1 second).
timeoffset: Time in tics before the door activates.
light_tag: Sector tag to receive light changes to maximum or minimum neighbor depending on whether the door is closed or opened.
lock: One of the lock identifiers to specify the key or set of keys.

Floor movement, earthquake[edit]

UDMF # ExtraData # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5 Description
20 318 Floor_LowerByValue tag speed height change
21 309 Floor_LowerToLowest tag speed change
22 311 Floor_LowerToNearest tag speed change
23 317 Floor_RaiseByValue tag speed height change crush
24 306 Floor_RaiseToHighest tag speed change crush
25 310 Floor_RaiseToNearest tag speed change crush
28 451 Floor_RaiseAndCrush tag speed crush
35 - Floor_RaiseByValueTimes8 tag speed height change crush
36 - Floor_LowerByValueTimes8 tag speed height change
37 319 Floor_MoveToValue tag speed height neg change
46 452 Floor_CrushStop tag Stops crushing floor movement.
66 321 Floor_LowerInstant tag - height change Lowers floor instantly.
67 320 Floor_RaiseInstant tag - height change crush Raises floor instantly.
68 - Floor_MoveToValueTimes8 tag speed height neg change
120 375 Radius_Quake intensity duration damage radius tremor radius foci tid
138 397 Floor_Waggle tag height speed offset timer
200 464 Generic_Floor tag speed height target flags Boom-like generalized floor.
228 475 Plat_RaiseAndStayTx0 tag speed lock out Variation of Floor_RaiseToNearest.
230 476 Plat_UpByValueStayTx tag speed height Variation of Floor_RaiseByValue
231 487 Plat_ToggleCeiling tag Toggles floor between ceiling and initial position.
235 466 Floor_TransferTrigger tag
236 467 Floor_TransferNumeric tag
238 312 Floor_RaiseToLowestCeiling tag speed change crush gap
240 315 Floor_RaiseByTexture tag speed change crush
242 416 Floor_LowerToHighest tag speed adjust force_adjust
250 431 Floor_Donut pillar tag pillar speed pool speed
256 307 Floor_LowerToHighestEE tag speed change
257 308 Floor_RaiseToLowest tag change crush Instantly lower floor to lowest neighbour.
258 313 Floor_LowerToLowestCeiling tag speed change Lower floor to lowest ceiling.
259 314 Floor_RaiseToCeiling tag speed change crush gap Raise floor to ceiling.
260 322 Floor_ToCeilingInstant tag change crush gap Raise floor to ceiling instantly.
261 316 Floor_LowerByTexture tag speed change Lower floor by shortest lower texture.
  • 397:Floor_Waggle ( tag, height, speed, offset, timer )
This special implements the sinusoidal floor motion from Hexen. Its tag and speed parameters bear similar properties to the other floor specials, but -
  • height - waggle amplitude in 1/8 units
  • offset - phase offset; how much to delay the waggle in relation to others (0 to 63, in byte angles)
  • timer - time in seconds the waggle lasts. Zero means permanent
  • 375:Radius_Quake (intensity, duration, damageradius, quakeradius, tid)
This special implements the earthquake effect, centred on the map spot with the given tid, with user-selectable intensity, duration and separate thing damage radius and tremor radius (both being multiplied with 64).
  • 451:Floor_RaiseAndCrush(tag, speed, crush)
This one is for Hexen compatibility. Please use Floor_RaiseToCeiling or Floor_RaiseToLowestCeiling instead.

See also[edit]

Plats, lifts[edit]

UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5 Description
60 410 Plat_PerpetualRaise tag speed delay Perpetual lift with lip of 8
61 411 Plat_Stop tag stop_mode
62 412 Plat_DownWaitUpStay tag speed delay
63 413 Plat_DownByValue tag speed delay height
64 414 Plat_UpWaitDownStay tag speed delay
65 415 Plat_UpByValue tag speed delay height
203 501 Generic_Lift tag speed delay type height
206 488 Plat_DownWaitUpStayLip tag speed delay lip
207 489 Plat_PerpetualRaiseLip tag speed delay lip
  • 207 (489) Plat_PerpetualRaiseLip(tag, speed, delay, lip)
Like Plat_PerpetualRaise, but lets you choose a "lip" (distance from lowest adjacent floor to move down to). If lip is 0, it will work like classic Doom perpetual plats.
  • 61 (411) Plat_Stop(tag, stop_mode)
Pauses or stops a perpetual platform from moving. The behavior depends on stop_mode:
  • 1: the platform will be merely suspended. It will only be retriggerable by other Plat_PerpetualRaise or Plat_PerpetualRaiseLip (or in Doom-format maps, by similar specials), continuing from the exact same state it stopped.
  • 2: the platform movement will be stopped at the current position. It will be retriggerable by any other special. If restarted by Plat_PerpetualRaise or Plat_PerpetualRaiseLip it may not remember the last state.
  • 0 (default): will act based on compatibility with current game mode. On Doom/Heretic/Hexen, it will act like mode 1, while in Hexen it will act like mode 2.
  • 62 (412) Plat_DownWaitUpStay(tag, speed, delay)
Lowers the plat as a lift to the lowest adjacent floor plus 8 units. Use Plat_DownWaitUpStayLip with 0 lip if you want classic Doom-like lifts.
  • 206 (488) Plat_DownWaitUpStayLip(tag, speed, delay, lip)
Like Plat_DownWaitUpStay but with settable lip.
  • 63 (413) Plat_DownByValue(tag, speed, delay, height)
Lowers a lift by an absolute height, multiplied by 8. It will rise back after delay tics.
  • 64 (414) Plat_UpWaitDownStay(tag, speed, delay)
Raises a lift to the highest neighbor floor. It will lower back after delay tics.
  • 65 (415) Plat_UpByValue(tag, speed, delay, height)
Raises a lift by an absolute height, multiplied by 8. It will lower back after delay tics.
  • 231 (487) Plat_ToggleCeiling(tag)
Toggles a floor between the default position and touching the ceiling. It will be left busy after that.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
95 453 FloorAndCeiling_LowerByValue tag speed height
96 454 FloorAndCeiling_RaiseByValue tag speed height
245 458 Elevator_RaiseToNearest tag speed
246 460 Elevator_MoveToFloor tag speed
247 459 Elevator_LowerToNearest tag speed

Ceiling movement[edit]

UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
38 500 Ceiling_Waggle tag height speed offset timer
40 336 Ceiling_LowerByValue tag speed height change crush
41 335 Ceiling_RaiseByValue tag speed height change
42 432 Ceiling_CrushAndRaise tag speed crush crush mode
43 435 Ceiling_LowerAndCrush tag speed crush crush mode
44 433 Ceiling_CrushStop tag stop mode
45 434 Ceiling_CrushRaiseAndStay tag speed crush crush mode
47 337 Ceiling_MoveToValue tag speed height negate change
69 - Ceiling_MoveToValueTimes8 tag speed height negate change
97 436 Ceiling_LowerAndCrushDist tag speed crush gap crush mode
104 441 Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseSilentDist tag gap speed damage crush mode
168 437 Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseDist tag gap speed damage crush mode
192 330 Ceiling_LowerToHighestFloor tag speed change crush gap to floor
193 339 Ceiling_LowerInstant tag - height * 8 change crush
194 338 Ceiling_RaiseInstant tag - height * 8 change
195 438 Ceiling_CrushRaiseAndStayA tag down speed up speed damage crush mode
196 439 Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseA tag down speed up speed damage crush mode
197 440 Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseSilentA tag down speed up speed damage crush mode
198 - Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8 tag speed height * 8 change
199 - Ceiling_LowerByValueTimes8 tag speed height * 8 change crush
201 465 Generic_Ceiling tag speed height target flags
205 443 Generic_Crusher tag down speed up speed silent damage
252 325 Ceiling_RaiseToNearest tag speed change
253 328 Ceiling_LowerToLowest tag speed change crush
254 332 Ceiling_LowerToFloor tag speed change crush gap
255 442 Ceiling_CrushRaiseAndStaySilA tag down speed up speed damage crush mode
262 323 Ceiling_RaiseToHighest tag speed change
263 324 Ceiling_ToHighestInstant tag change crush
264 326 Ceiling_LowerToNearest tag speed change crush
265 327 Ceiling_RaiseToLowest tag speed change
266 329 Ceiling_RaiseToHighestFloor tag speed change
267 331 Ceiling_ToFloorInstant tag change crush gap
268 333 Ceiling_RaiseByTexture tag speed change
269 334 Ceiling_LowerByTexture tag speed change crush
  • 323:Ceiling_RaiseToHighest ( tag, speed, change )
  • 324:Ceiling_ToHighestInstant ( tag, change, crush )
  • 325:Ceiling_RaiseToNearest ( tag, speed, change )
  • 326:Ceiling_LowerToNearest ( tag, speed, change, crush )
  • 327:Ceiling_RaiseToLowest ( tag, speed, change )
  • 328:Ceiling_LowerToLowest ( tag, speed, change, crush )
  • 329:Ceiling_RaiseToHighestFloor ( tag, speed, change )
  • 330:Ceiling_LowerToHighestFloor ( tag, speed, change, crush, gap )
  • 331:Ceiling_ToFloorInstant ( tag, change, crush, gap )
  • 332:Ceiling_LowerToFloor ( tag, speed, change, crush, gap )
  • 333:Ceiling_RaiseByTexture ( tag, speed, change )
  • 334:Ceiling_LowerByTexture ( tag, speed, change, crush )
  • 335:Ceiling_RaiseByValue ( tag, speed, height, change )
  • 336:Ceiling_LowerByValue ( tag, speed, height, change, crush )
  • 337:Ceiling_MoveToValue ( tag, speed, height, change, crush )
  • 338:Ceiling_RaiseInstant ( tag, height, change )
  • 339:Ceiling_LowerInstant ( tag, height, change, crush )
Values for these specials:
  • tag: Tag of the sector(s) to affect. A tag of zero means to affect the sector on the second side of the line.
  • speed: Speed of ceiling in eighths of a unit per tic.
  • change: This parameter takes the following values:
0 : No texture or type change.
1 : Copy texture, zero type; trigger model.
2 : Copy texture, zero type; numeric model.
3 : Copy texture, preserve type; trigger model.
4 : Copy texture, preserve type; numeric model.
5 : Copy texture and type; trigger model.
6 : Copy texture and type; numeric model.
  • crush: Amount of crushing damage ceiling inflicts at each crushing event (when gametic % 4 = 0). If this amount is less than or equal to zero, no crushing damage is done.
  • height: An integer number of units, either the amount to move the floor by or the exact z coordinate to move the floor toward. Negative numbers are valid for the latter case.
  • gap: Distance to keep from the destination. Useful if crush is nonzero
  • 465:Generic_Ceiling(tag, speed, height, target, flag)
See Generic_Floor for an explanation of parameters.

Crushing ceilings[edit]

There are some crushing ceilings available now. Some originate from Hexen while others are extensions from ZDoom. ZDoom compatibility is considered where relevant. For all specials where it applies, crushmode can take one of these values:

  • 0: compatibility. Act like it would do in ZDoom. This means that in Doom the crusher keeps pushing into the things it crushes, while in Hexen it stays on position while dealing damage. And if the game is Doom, the special has "Dist" in the name and the speed is set to 8, it will also slow down to speed 1 when crushing.
  • 1: Doom mode without slowdown. Same as classic Doom's fast crushers.
  • 2: Hexen mode. It will rest in position while crushing.
  • 3: Doom mode with slowdown. Same as classic Doom's slow crushers. Currently the crushing speed is hardcoded to 1.

The specials are the following. Take care that Ceiling_CrushAndRaise is mainly for Hexen compatibility: it will rise at half the speed it lowers. For Doom-like crushers use Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseA (all "A" crushers let you specify the rising speed) or Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseDist (all "Dist" crushers rise at the same speed as they lower, but instead let you specify the gap size to the ground). Finally, Generic_Crusher aims to act like the Boom crushers, having the following particularities: it will slow down when crushing if speed is less than 24, and it will be totally silent if specified in the parameter (won't even make clunk noises).

  • 432: Ceiling_CrushAndRaise(tag, speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 439: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseA(tag, down_speed, up_speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 440: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseSilentA(tag, down_speed, up_speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 437: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseDist(tag, ground_distance, speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 441: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseSilentDist(tag, ground_distance, speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 434: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseAndStay(tag, speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 438: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseAndStayA(tag, down_speed, up_speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 442: Ceiling_CrushAndRaiseAndStaySilA(tag, down_speed, up_speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 435: Ceiling_LowerAndCrush(tag, speed, damage, crushmode)
  • 436: Ceiling_LowerAndCrushDist(tag, speed, damage, ground_distance, crushmode)
  • 433: Ceiling_CrushStop(tag, stop_mode)
  • stop_mode can be: 0 (compatibility), 1 (Doom: pause crusher), 2 (Hexen: remove crusher and release the ceiling)
  • 443: Generic_Crusher(tag, down_speed, up_speed, silent, damage)

Stair building[edit]

UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
204 502 Generic_Stairs tag speed height flags reset
217 340 Stairs_BuildUpDoom tag speed stepsize delay reset
270 341 Stairs_BuildDownDoom tag speed stepsize delay reset
271 342 Stairs_BuildUpDoomSync tag speed stepsize reset
272 343 Stairs_BuildDownDoomSync tag speed stepsize reset
* Synchronized stairs have each step move at a different speed so that all the
  steps reach the destination height at the same time. This stair building
  style is only available with these parameterized line types. 

tag       : Tag of first sector to raise or lower as a step.
            When the stair building method is DOOM, subsequent
            steps are found by searching across two-sided
            lines where the first side belongs to the current
            sector and the floor texture is the same. The
            Hexen stair building method is not yet supported.
speed     : Speed of steps in eights of a unit per tic. If the
            build style is synchronized, only the first step
            moves at this speed. Other steps will move at a
            speed which allows them to reach their 
            destination height at the same time.
stepsize  : Step size in units.
delay     : Delay time in tics between steps
reset     : If greater than zero, the stairs will wait this
            amount of time in tics after completely building
            and will then reset by repeating the same stair
            building action but in the reverse direction. If
            zero, the stairs will never reset.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
1 348 Polyobj_StartLine id mirror id sound sequence
2 356 Polyobj_RotateLeft id speed rotation
3 354 Polyobj_RotateRight id speed rotation
4 352 Polyobj_Move id speed angle distance
5 349 Polyobj_ExplicitLine id line index mirror id sound sequence
6 - Polyobj_MoveTimes8 id speed angle distance
7 351 Polyobj_DoorSwing id speed rotation delay
8 350 Polyobj_DoorSlide id speed angle distance delay
59 499 Polyobj_OR_MoveToSpot id speed TID
86 496 Polyobj_MoveToSpot id speed TID
87 474 Polyobj_Stop id
88 497 Polyobj_MoveTo id speed x y
89 498 Polyobj_OR_MoveTo id speed x y
90 357 Polyobj_OR_RotateLeft id speed rotation
91 355 Polyobj_OR_RotateRight id speed rotation
92 353 Polyobj_OR_Move id speed angle distance
93 - Polyobj_OR_MoveTimes8 id speed angle distance
  • 1 (348) Polyobj_StartLine(id, mirror_id, sequence_id)
  • 5 (349) Polyobj_ExplicitLine(id, linenum, mirror_id, sequence_id)
There are two different methods of creating a polyobject. In the first, the "first" line is given the Polyobj_StartLine special, and subsequent lines are added to the PolyObject by following segs from vertex to vertex. To use this, all the lines around the polyobject must run in the same direction, and the last line must end at the same vertex which starts the first line (in other words, it must be closed).
With the second method, every line to be included must be given the Polyobj_ExplicitLine special and must be given a linenum param which is unique amongst all lines that will added to that polyobject. Polyobjects of this sort should also be closed for proper rendering, but the game engine cannot and will not verify that this is the case.
Only polyobjects created with the Polyobj_StartLine method can have other line specials on the polyobject's lines themselves.
Mirror_id is the ID number of a PolyObject that wants to mirror every action that this PolyObject makes. This number cannot refer to the self-same PolyObject, nor should PolyObjects attempt to mirror each other in a cycle since this will create problems with override actions. Angle of motion is always reversed when applying an action to a mirroring PolyObject. If a mirror is already in motion for a non-override action, the mirror will not be affected even if the main object was moved. Mirror polyobjects can themselves define a mirror, and an action will affect all mirroring polyobjects in the chain.
  • 4 (352) Polyobj_Move(id, speed, angle, distance)
Slides a polyobject in the direction given in angle by distance.
  • 6 Polyobj_MoveTimes8(id, speed, angle, distance)
Like Polyobj_Move but with distance multiplied by 8. Needed only for the Hexen format and supported for legacy reasons.
  • 2 (356) Polyobj_RotateLeft(id, speed, distance)
Rotates a polyobject counterclockwise by the distance byte angle difference. If distance is 0, it means 360 degrees. If distance is 255, it means perpetual spinning.
  • 3 (354) Polyobj_RotateRight(id, speed, distance)
Rotates a polyobject clockwise by the distance byte angle difference. If distance is 0, it means 360 degrees. If distance is 255, it means perpetual spinning.
  • 92 (353) Polyobj_OR_Move(id, speed, angle, distance)
Like Polyobj_Move, but overrides the current movement.
  • 93 Polyobj_OR_MoveTimes8(id, speed, angle, distance)
Like Polyobj_MoveTimes8, but overrides the current movement.
  • 90 (357) Polyobj_OR_RotateLeft(id, speed, distance)
Like Polyobj_RotateLeft, but overrides the current movement.
  • 91 (355) Polyobj_OR_RotateRight(id, speed, distance)
Like Polyobj_RotateRight, but overrides the current movement.
  • 8 (350) Polyobj_DoorSlide(id, speed, angle, distance, delay)
Slides a polyobject like a door which closes after a delay and deflects if it gets jammed.
  • 7 (351) Polyobj_DoorSwing(id, speed, distance, delay)
Swings a polyobject like a door which closes after a delay and deflects if it gets jammed. There are no special behaviors for setting distance to 0 or 255, unlike Polyobj_RotateLeft and derivatives.
  • 87 (474) Polyobj_Stop(id)
Stops a polyobject from movement. It will then be free for other activations.

Pillar building[edit]

UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
29 362 Pillar_Build tag speed height
30 364 Pillar_Open tag speed floor dist ceil dist
94 363 Pillar_BuildAndCrush tag speed height damage
251 468 FloorAndCeiling_LowerRaise tag floor speed ceiling speed Boom emulation
#    Function                            ExtraData Name

362  Build pillar                        Pillar_Build
363  Build pillar and crush              Pillar_BuildAndCrush
364  Open pillar                         Pillar_Open 

Pillar_Build                  tag, speed, height
Pillar_BuildAndCrush          tag, speed, height, crush
Pillar_Open                   tag, speed, fdist, cdist

tag       : Tag of sector to close or open as a pillar. For the
            action to succeed, neither surface may have an 
            action running on it already. If the tag is zero,
            the sector on the backside of a 2S line with this
            special will be used.
speed     : Speed of the surface with the greatest distance to
            move in eights of a unit per tic. The other surface
            will move at a speed which causes it to reach its
            destination at the same time.
height    : For Build and BuildAndCrush types, this is the 
            height relative to the floor where the floor and 
            ceiling should meet. If this value is zero, the 
            floor and ceiling will meet exactly half-way.
crush     : For BuildAndCrush type only, this specifies the 
            amount of damage to inflict per crush event.
fdist     : For Open type only, this is the distance the floor
            should move down. If this value is zero, the floor
            will move to its lowest neighboring floor.
cdist     : For Open type only, this is the distance the
            ceiling should move up. If this value is zero, the
            ceiling will move to its highest neighboring 

ACS Scripts[edit]

UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
80 365 ACS_Execute script map arg1 arg2 arg3
81 366 ACS_Suspend script map
82 367 ACS_Terminate script map
83 430 ACS_LockedExecute script map arg1 arg2 lock id
84 420 ACS_ExecuteWithResult script arg1 arg2 arg3 arg4
85 490 ACS_LockedExecuteDoor script map arg1 arg2 lock id
226 477 ACS_ExecuteAlways script map arg1 arg2 arg3
This part incorporates text from the open-content ZDoom Wiki

Eternity supports ACS script calling.

  • 365:ACS_Execute(scriptnum, mapnum, arg0, arg1, arg2)
Executes the specified script. A map value of zero indicates that the script is on the current map. If the script is on a different map, then the execution of the script will be delayed until the player enters the map that contains it. Only one copy of a script can be running at a time when started with this special.
If the specified script was previously executed but then suspended, then execution will begin at the point immediately after where it was suspended instead of starting over again at the beginning.
The number of usable arguments is limited to 3.
  • 477:ACS_ExecuteAlways(scriptnum, mapnum, arg0, arg1, arg2)
Same as ACS_Execute, but will not be blocked if an instance of scriptnum is already running.
  • 366:ACS_Suspend(scriptnum, mapnum)
Suspends execution of a script until an ACS_Execute special resumes it.
  • 367:ACS_Terminate(scriptnum, mapnum)
Terminates the script.
  • 430:ACS_LockedExecute(scriptnum, mapnum, arg1, arg2, lock) (since Feb 25 2016)
This one executes a script that requires the player to have a key or more. See Lock identifiers for info on what to put for the lock argument.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
110 368 Light_RaiseByValue tag level
111 369 Light_LowerByValue tag level
112 370 Light_ChangeToValue tag level
113 371 Light_Fade tag dest value tics
114 372 Light_Glow tag max min tics
115 373 Light_Flicker tag max min
116 374 Light_Strobe tag max value min value max time min time
232 463 Light_StrobeDoom tag max time min time
233 473 Light_MinNeighbor tag
234 461 Light_MaxNeighbor tag

If tag is 0, any such parameterized special will affect the sector behind the linedef, if applicable.

  • Light_MinNeighbor sets the lights in tagged sectors to their minimum neighbors' values.
  • Light_MaxNeighbor sets the lights in tagged sectors to their maximum neighbors' values.

Eternity supports the following light level controlling parameterized linedef specials. If tag is 0, any such parameterized special will affect the sector behind the linedef, if applicable.

  • 368:Light_RaiseByValue(tag, lvl)
Adds the lvl value to the light levels of tagged sectors, capping them to 255.
  • 369:Light_LowerByValue(tag, lvl)
Substracts the lvl value from the light levels of tagged sectors, limiting them to 0.
  • 370:Light_ChangeToValue(tag, lvl)
Sets the lvl value for the light level of tagged sectors, and caps it between 0 and 255 inclusive.
  • 371:Light_Fade(tag, destvalue, tics)
Makes the light level of tagged sectors gradually go to destvalue, for the given amount of tics. tics must be greater than 0.
  • 372:Light_Glow(tag, maxval, minval, tics)
Enables periodic glowing light effect on tagged sectors. tics is the duration between the extreme light levels and must be positive. The sequence starts by fading down.
  • 373:Light_Flicker(tag, maxval, minval)
Enables flickering light effect on tagged sectors.
  • 374:Light_Strobe(tag, maxval, minval, maxtime, mintime)
Enables strobing light effect on tagged sectors. Light will periodically flash, staying at maxval level for maxtime tics and at minval level for mintime tics.
  • 463:Light_StrobeDoom(tag, maxtime, mintime)
Enables strobing light effect on tagged sectors, using Doom's logic of choosing the minimum and maximum light levels.
  • 473:Light_MinNeighbor(tag)
Sets the lights in tagged sectors to their minimum neighbors' values
  • 461:Light_MaxNeighbor(tag)
Sets the lights in tagged sectors to their maximum neighbors' values


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
17 422 Thing_Raise tid
19 423 Thing_Stop tid
72 424 ThrustThing angle speed - tid
73 426 DamageThing damage mod
119 427 Thing_Damage tid damage mod
128 425 ThrustThingZ tid speed up or down set or add
130 404 Thing_Activate tid
131 405 Thing_Deactivate tid
132 478 Thing_Remove tid
133 428 Thing_Destroy tid - sector tag
134 402 Thing_Projectile tid type angle speed vertical speed
135 398 Thing_Spawn tid type angle new_tid
136 403 Thing_ProjectileGravity tid type angle speed vertical speed
137 399 Thing_SpawnNoFog tid type angle new_tid
176 421 Thing_ChangeTID oldtid newtid
248 469 HealThing amount max health
  • 402:Thing_Projectile(tid, type, angle, speed, verticalspeed)
Throws a projectile from a map spot. Can also be used to throw a flying monster. Like in Thing_Spawn, type is an acs_spawndata num. Note that speed and verticalspeed are in eighths (units per 8 tics). Up is positive for verticalspeed.
  • 403:Thing_ProjectileGravity(tid, type, angle, speed, verticalspeed)
Same as above, but the thrown projectile or monster will be subject to gravity.
  • 421:Thing_ChangeTID(oldtid, newtid) (since Nov 14 2015)
Sets the TID of all things which currently have oldtid to the value newtid. If oldtid is zero, it will change the TID of the activator.
  • 426:DamageThing(damage, mod) (since Feb 24 2016)
Damages the activator. Mod is a means-of-death (damagetype), which can be used for custom obituaries and damage resistances. If damage is 0, it will actually do 10000 (gibbing) damage.
  • 427:Thing_Damage(tid, damage, mod) (since Feb 24 2016)
Same as DamageThing, but with the possibility to select TID (where 0 will mean the activator). It's done this way for ZDoom compatibility. Unlike DamageThing, it will not cause 10000 damage if damage is 0.
  • 428:Thing_Destroy(tid, reserved, sectortag) (since Feb 24 2016)
Causes 10000 damage to all things tagged tid. Beware that, in accordance to Hexen, tid 0 will NOT affect the activator; for that use DamageThing. Reserved must be set to 0. Sectortag can be used to only kill things inside sectors with given tag.
  • 478:Thing_Remove(tid)
Directly removes objects tagged tid from the game.
  • 469:HealThing(amount, maxhealth)
Heals the activator by amount. Maxhealth influences maximum health and only affects player activators. For monsters and other objects, the maximum health is always the spawn health. On players, maxhealth has the following meanings:
  • If 0, it will heal the player up to the initial health (such as the maximum medikit health in default Doom).
  • If 1, it will heal the player up to the soulsphere maximum health (in default Doom) or the initial health + 100 (if no soulsphere is defined in current game mode)
  • Otherwise, it will heal the player up to maxhealth.
  • 227 (480) PointPush_SetForce(tag, tid, amount, use_line)
Enables and sets wind for Boom push/pull source things. If tag is non-zero, it looks for such things inside a tagged sector. Only one push/pull thing will be used for each tagged sector. If tag is zero, it will enable pushing for things tagged tid. Amount is the force, and depending on thing type, it will be attractive or repulsive. If use_line is 1, it will use the linedef length as amount, not the amount argument. Either the tagged sector (if tag is non-zero) or the sectors containing the tid things must have the Boom generalized wind special.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Static Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
48 482 yes Sector_Attach3dMidtex line id optional sector tag use ceiling
140 495 Sector_ChangeSound tag sequence id
185 470 Sector_SetRotation tag floor angle ceiling angle
186 472 Sector_SetCeilingPanning tag x integer x fractional y integer y fractional
187 471 Sector_SetFloorPanning tag x integer x fractional y integer y fractional
190 481 yes Static_Init (sky transfer) tag 255 flip sky
  • 470:Sector_SetRotation(tag, floor_angle, ceiling_angle)
Sets the floor and ceiling texture rotation of tagged sectors to the given values in degrees (0-360).
  • 471:Sector_SetFloorPanning(tag, x_int, x_frac, y_int, y_frac)
Sets the floor texture panning of tagged sectors to given X and Y values. A value is calculated as x_int + 0.01 * x_frac.
  • 472:Sector_SetCeilingPanning(tag, x_int, x_frac, y_int, y_frac)
Same as Sector_SetFloorPanning, but for the ceiling texture.
  • Sector_SetFriction(tag, amount)
Sets friction in the target sectors. Those sectors must have the Boom generalized friction special enabled to work. Amount is an optional argument. If 0, it will use the length of the linedef to specify friction. Otherwise, the friction will be settable by amount. As a rule, smaller values than 100 mean sludge (high friction) and greater than 100 mean slippery surface (low friction).
  • 218 (457) Sector_SetWind(tag, strength, angle, flags)
Creates wind in the tagged sectors, which, if Boom-style, must have the wind generalized special set. Flags can be the sum of the following values:
  • 1: if added, it will cause the wind to be defined by the linedef's length and direction, instead of the strength and angle (byte angle) parameters;
  • 2: if added, it will use Heretic-style winds, which have a slightly different behavior and scale, and will not require the Boom wind sector special to be set.
  • 220 (479) Sector_SetCurrent(tag, strength, angle, flags)
Similar to Sector_SetWind, but meant for water flow setup, not air wind.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
118 493 Plane_Copy front floor tag front ceiling tag back floor tag back ceiling tag share slope
181 455 Plane_Align floor ceiling


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
70 444 Teleport tid sector tag
71 445 Teleport_NoFog tid use angle sector tag keep height
215 446 Teleport_Line - dest_id flip
  • 444:Teleport(tid, sector_tag, reserved)
Teleports the activator. Depending on whether tid or sector_tag is nonzero, the behavior will be Hexen or Doom compatible. If tid is zero, then it will teleport like in Doom, into the first teleport destination found on sectors tagged sector_tag.
If tid is non-zero, it will teleport to one random target thing (doesn't matter the type) among the ones tagged tid. If in this case sector_tag is also non-zero, it will only seek a destination thing located in these tagged sectors. This behavior is based on the Hexen teleporters.
  • 445:Teleport_NoFog(tid, use_angle, sector_tag, keep_height)
Teleports the activator silently, without fog and without holding it. Tid and sector_tag are used the same as in Teleport.
Use_angle sets how the activator angle should be set after teleportation, and can take one of the following values:
  • 0: default Hexen behavior. The thing won't change its angle at all during teleportation.
  • 1: set thing's angle to the same angle as the one of the destination spot
  • 2: use Boom's original, buggy behavior: shift angle opposite to that of the difference between destination spot's angle and the line normal's angle
  • 3: use Boom's supposedly intended behavior: shift angle by the difference between destination spot's angle and line normal's angle.
If use_angle is 2 or 3 and the special is not triggered from a linedef, then it will work like mode 1.
Keep_height: setting this to 1 will make the thing preserve its distance to the floor after teleporting. If it's 0, the thing will be teleported on the floor, like in Hexen.
  • 446:Teleport_Line(reserved, dest_id, flip)
Encapsulates the Boom line-teleporting functions. Dest_id is the tag of the target line. Flip will cause the user to rotate 180 degrees after teleporting.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
9 450 Line_Horizon
300 492 Portal_Define portal id type anchor line id z parameter flipped anchor
301 491 Line_QuickPortal visual-only
  • Line_Horizon
Simple linedef specials which converts the middle part with a horizon portal which uses front sector's floor and ceiling.
  • Portal_Define
See the linked article for its description.
  • Line_QuickPortal(non-interactive)
Convenience linedef special to quickly create a portal between two areas, through a linedef's middle part. The two lines must be of equal length, and of opposite angles (if linked/interactive) or any angle if not linked. They must have the same, unique tag and the same non-interactive value, which is 0 for linked portals and 1 for two-way non-linked portals.
  • Sector_SetPortal(tag, type, plane, misc)
Only needed for easily converting old maps with portals. You can skip this part if you're designing a new UDMF map.
Only activates on map starts, this one sets a sector portal on floor and/or ceiling on the tagged sectors. See Portal for visual examples.
Plane can be 0 (display portal on floor), 1 (display portal on ceiling), 2 (display portal on both);
Type can be:
  • 0: anchored portal. This line must correspond to another line named "anchor", whose first 3 parameters are the same with this one, except that misc is 0 for the anchor, while the source line has misc 1.
  • 2: skybox portal. Uses the skybox camera object as a source, and displays the skybox (view of this camera) in tagged sectors.
  • 3: plane portal. Renders the ceiling texture of line's front sector at a fixed camera distance.
  • 4: horizon portal. Renders the floor and ceiling textures of line's front sector at relative camera distance, useful for infinite horizontal planes such as seas.
  • 6: linked portal. Interactive anchored portals (through which gameplay passes seamlessly). Has the same rule as anchored portals with regard to anchor lines. Requires consistent offsets if there are multiple linked portals in the map, otherwise linked portals are disabled.
Type can also be used for copying already placed portals:
  • 1: copy the portal from a sector tagged with misc into the tagged sectors if tag is nonzero, or to the front sector if tag is 0.
  • 5: copy the portal from a sector tagged with misc into the tagged lines if tag is nonzero, or to the current line if tag is 0.
Misc has values depending on the type chosen. It makes sense for anchored and linked portals (with 0 meaning source line, and 1 meaning anchor line) and it also has a meaning for the copy types (1 and 5) where it specifies the tag of the sector with portals to copy.

Binary format specific[edit]

  • 378:Line_SetIdentification(id)
Sets the linedef identification number (separate from tag) to id. Useful for various specials that use the line id. Do not use in UDMF.

Property transfer[edit]

UDMF # DOOM Format # Static Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
209 242 yes Transfer_Heights tag
210 213 yes Transfer_FloorLight tag
211 261 yes Transfer_CeilingLight tag
  • Transfer_FloorLight(tag)
  • Transfer_CeilingLight(tag)
These two are the same as the Boom special, but applicable in parameterized namespaces.
  • Transfer_Heights(tag, reserved)
This also acts like the Boom special 242. Argument reserved must be 0.
  • 190 (481) Static_Init(tag, type, flip_or_ceiling, move_type)
This is a multi-purpose special encapsulating several static specials from MBF and Boom. Tag is the tag of the target sector(s). Type can be 255 for MBF sky transfers. If flip_or_ceiling is 1, the sky will be flipped horizontally. If type is 255, move_type must be 0.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
100 406 Scroll_Texture_Left amount
101 407 Scroll_Texture_Right amount
102 408 Scroll_Texture_Up amount
103 409 Scroll_Texture_Down amount
222 485 Scroll_Texture_Model line id kind
223 484 Scroll_Floor tag kind move things x y
224 483 Scroll_Ceiling tag kind - x y
225 ExtraData only Scroll_Texture_Offsets
  • 223 (484) Scroll_Floor(tag, kind, scroll_things, x, y)
  • 224 (483) Scroll_Ceiling(tag, kind, unused, x, y)
  • 222 (485) Scroll_Texture_Model(line_id, kind)
These specials do standard Boom scrolling. Kind specifies if it's a static scroller (0), displacement scroller (1) or accelerative scroller (2), and 4 can be added to it to discard arguments x and y and instead use the linedef's vertex coordinates do determine the scrolling vector. Scroll_things only apples for Scroll_Floor and means simple visual scrolling (0), thing movement with static floor (1) or thing movement with floor (2). X and y are the velocity components with which to scroll, if kind is less than 4 (otherwise the line's size is used).
Scroll_Texture_Model does wall texture scrolling according to line's vector relative to the target lines.


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
218 457 Sector_SetWind tag force angle flags
219 223 Sector_SetFriction tag
220 479 Sector_SetCurrent tag force angle flags
227 480 PointPush_SetForce tag tid force use line


UDMF # DOOM Format # Name Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5
74 449 Teleport_NewMap level number
75 400 Teleport_EndGame
179 462 ChangeSkill skill
243 447 Exit_Normal
244 448 Exit_Secret
  • 400:Teleport_EndGame
Ends the entire game in victory. This triggers the current game's assigned ending cutscene and the player can only choose to start a new game.
  • 447:Exit_Normal(reserved)
Exits to a normal destination level. The argument is reserved and must be 0.
  • 448:Exit_Secret(reserved)
Exits to the secret destination level. The argument is reserved and must be 0.
  • 449:Teleport_NewMap(level_number, reserved, reserved)
Exits to the given map. The last two arguments are reserved and must be 0.
  • 462:ChangeSkill(skill)
Changes the current difficulty level, where skill is from 0 (I'm too young to die) to 4 inclusive (Nightmare!).

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