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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Scrolls the wall texture by the speed indicated by the sidedef texture offsets. It has support for displacement and accelerative scrolling too.


Scroll_Texture_Offsets(flags, tag, control, divisor)


  • flags: currently reserved, can only be 0 or ≥8. Other values currently only have a meaningful effect in ZDoom and will trigger an error in Eternity.
  • tag: optional. If 0, it will scroll the offsets of the current line. Otherwise, it will seek all other lines with this ID and apply the scrolling on them.
  • control: whether to apply displacement or accelerative scrolling, with linedef's front sector as reference:
  • 0: static scrolling: enable it from level startup at constant velocity.
  • 1: displacement scrolling: cause the tagged walls to scroll as long as this linedef's front sector's floor or ceiling is moving.
  • 2: accelerative scrolling: cause the tagged walls' scrolling speed to change as this linedef's front sector's floor or ceiling is moving.
  • divisor: optional. If ≥1, it will apply the velocity made by sidedef offsets divided by this value. This is useful if you need finer control, since some editors may only allow integer sidedef offsets. Eternity however allows you to specify non-integer sidedef offsets in UDMF, but it's not a general rule. If 0 or less, it will just default to 1. The MBF21 types of 1024-1026 use a divisor of 8.


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The linedef special identification is 225 (UDMF) or strictly literal (ExtraData).

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