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220:Sector_SetCurrent(tag, strength, angle, flags)

Static special that sets a current on tagged sector(s). This is similar to Sector_SetWind, but a current only affects things which touch the ground or are submerged in deep water (as when generated by Transfer_Heights). This is most likely useful for moving water currents, as an alternative to Scroll_Floor.

The tagged sectors must have the wind generalized special field set. Under UDMF, it's 4096. Under Boom it's 512.

You can use floor texture/type changing linedef specials to turn on or off the wind effect, similar to how you do it to affect damaging floors.


  • tag: tag of affected sector(s).
  • strength: current's strength. Ignored if flags has bit 1.
  • angle: current's direction as a byte angle. Ignored if flags has bit 1.
  • flags: optional modifier which can be a sum of any of the following values:
  • 1 (use line vector): if added, the current's strength will be defined by linedef's length and direction, like in Boom, not by strength and angle.
  • 2 (Heretic wind): if added, the wind will behave like in Heretic. Otherwise it will behave like in Boom.

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