Thing Spawn

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135:Thing_Spawn(tid, type, angle, newtid)

Spawns a thing at one or more map spots.


  • tid: TID of target things where to spawn the desired objects. If multiple such things exist, objects of ACS spawn ID type will be materialized at each position.
  • type: ACS spawn ID of thing to spawn. Due to necessary Hexen backwards compatibility, this number is not the editor number of the thing. It's a separate number identifying the class. See thingtype and check "things.edf" from the base folder to find the spawn IDs of the main things.
  • angle: byte angle where the spawned things should face.
  • newtid: optional TID to assign to the spawned things.


This special won't spawn anything which may get stuck. If none of the target spots allow a thing to spawn, the special fails triggering.

It will also produce a teleportation fog with its specific noise. To avoid fog, use the Thing_SpawnNoFog special.

Spawned pickable items will not be able to respawn.

Tid can't be used to spawn on top of activator.