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138:Floor_Waggle (tag, amp, freq, offset, time)

  • tag: Tag of affected sector. If this is 0, the line's backsector will be affected.
  • amp: Amplitude of the waggle (in 1/8 of a unit)
  • freq: Frequency of the waggle. The higher the frequency, the quicker the waggle.
  • offset: Phase offset of the waggle (0 through 63)
  • time: How many seconds the waggle lasts (0 seconds means it will waggle forever)

"Waggles" the floor of the affected sectors in a sine wave. The waggle causes the floor to move up and down, starting from the current phase offset of the max (if 0, for example, the waggle starts in the middle, and moves up). There is a "build-up" before it moves at its full speed and amplitude.

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