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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Encapsulates and applies Boom generalized specials, including all their peculiarities.


Generic_Floor(tag, speed, height, target, flags)


  • tag: tag of sectors to trigger. If 0, it will trigger the sector behind the line.
  • speed: speed to move tagged sectors by, in eighths of units (e.g. 16 is equivalent to standard Doom door speed).
  • height: absolute amount to move tagged sectors by, in map units.
  • target: target type. One of the following values:
  • 0: move by absolute amount, height;
  • 1: highest neighbour floor;
  • 2: lowest neighbour floor;
  • 3: next neighbour floor;
  • 4: lowest neighbour ceiling;
  • 5: ceiling;
  • 6: by shortest lower texture.
  • flags: other modifiers to the behaviour. Can be a sum of the following values (use 0 for standard behaviour):
  • 1: change texture and zero out the sector special;
  • 2: change texture and keep the sector special (if both flags 1 and 2 are added, it will change the special instead);
  • 4: if 1 and/or 2 are added, and if 4 is added on top, then use the numeric model (use surrounding sectors as reference) instead of the trigger model. Without flag 4, it will use the trigger model (use sector in front of the trigger linedef as reference).
  • 8: move up;
  • 16: crush.


No examples given.


This special exists to be able to cover the intricacies of the Boom generalized floors in a parameterized special. It is recommended to use the other floor specials instead. Use this if you need some exact Boom behavior.

The linedef special identification is 200 (UDMF) or 464 (ExtraData).

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