Plat UpByValueStayTx

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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Raises a floor by a given amount, and changes floor texture by trigger model (to floor texture in front of trigger switch).


Plat_UpByValueStayTx(tag, speed, height_8x)


  • tag: tag of sectors to trigger. If 0, it will trigger the sector behind the line.
  • speed: speed to move tagged sectors by, in eighths of units (e.g. 16 is equivalent to standard Doom door speed).
  • height_8x: absolute amount to move tagged sectors by, multiplied by 8.


No examples given.


This is a variation of Floor_RaiseByValue, provided for Doom/Heretic compatibility. Unlike the aforementioned special, if the sector is blocked, it will return to its initial height instead of waiting to be unjammed.

Beware that this changes the texture, but not the type, so if the intent was to raise a platform from damaging slime, it will not work as expected: the platform will still be harmful to players.

The linedef special identification is 230 (UDMF) or 476 (ExtraData).

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