Door WaitRaise

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105:Door_WaitRaise(tag, speed, delay, toptime, lighttag)

Raises a door after a delay, then closes it after another delay. This behaviour is inspired on the classic Doom sector type where a door is temporarily opened after 5 minutes of gameplay.


  • tag: tag of sectors to affect. If 0, it affects the sector behind the linedef.
  • speed: door speed. 16 is the usual Doom door speed and 64 is the 'turbo' speed. The sound of the door depends on this speed.
  • delay: the delay, in tics, since the linedef is triggered and until the door is open.
  • toptime: the delay, in tics, since the door is fully open and until the door gets closed.
  • lighttag: optional tag of sector to apply Boom door open light effect on. If 0, the effect doesn't happen.

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