Floor LowerInstant and Floor RaiseInstant

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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Lowers or raises a floor instantly by an absolute amount.


Floor_LowerInstant(tag, 0, height_8x, change)

Floor_RaiseInstant(tag, 0, height_8x, change)


  • tag: tag of sectors to trigger. If 0, it will trigger the sector behind the line.
  • height_8x: number of eight-unit blocks to move a floor by (multiply the value by 8 to obtain the real amount).
  • change: whether to change the texture (e.g. remove liquid to show solid floor) and/or sector type (e.g. damaging floor). Trigger model means to use the floor in front of the trigger linedef as reference to change to. Numeric model means to scan the surrounding sectors of tagged ones (as if sinking something into a liquid). Possible values are:
  • 0: no change, basic behaviour;
  • 1: trigger model, zero out the type;
  • 2: numeric model, zero out the type;
  • 3: trigger model, change texture;
  • 4: numeric model, change texture;
  • 5: trigger model, change both texture and type;
  • 6: numeric model, change both texture and type.


Floor_LowerInstant(0, 0, 16, 6)

This moves the sector behind the trigger linedef 128 units down, changing both floor texture and type to that of its surrounding sector.


This always uses 8x height units for its parameter.

The second argument is reserved and must be zero.

The linedef special identification is 66 for Floor_LowerInstant, 67 for Floor_RaiseInstant (UDMF) or 321 for Floor_LowerInstant, 320 for Floor_RaiseInstant (ExtraData).

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