Plat PerpetualRaise

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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Starts a perpetual platform moving periodically between the lowest adjacent plus 8 units and highest adjacent neighbor floor.


Plat_PerpetualRaise(tag, speed, delay)


  • tag: tag of sectors to trigger. If 0, it will trigger the sector behind the line.
  • speed: speed to move tagged sectors by, in eighths of units (e.g. 16 is equivalent to standard Doom door speed).
  • delay: delay in tics until the sector returns to its initial state (in classic Doom, 105 is for a lift and 150 is for a door).


No examples given.


This is not like the classic Doom special, and inherits the Hexen one. To act like Doom, use Plat_PerpetualRaiseLip with a lip of 0 units.

The starting direction is decided randomly.

The linedef special identification is 60 (UDMF) or 410 (ExtraData).

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