Plat Stop

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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Pauses a currently moving perpetual lift at its current position.


Plat_Stop(tag, kind)


  • tag: tag of sectors to affect
  • kind: any of the following values:
  • 0: game mode dependent (default). It will act differently depending on current game mode.
  • 1: Doom mode: pause the lift. Subsequent perpetual raise specials will resume it. You can't trigger other floor actions while this one is paused.
  • 2: Hexen mode: stop the lift completely at its current position and release it for other actions. You'll be able to trigger other floor actions.


No examples given.


Both the Doom and Hexen modes are useful for their specific situations.

The linedef special identification is 61 (UDMF) or 411 (ExtraData).

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