Floor Donut

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This is a parameterized linedef special.

Does the donut movement behavior, allowing you to choose pillar speed and donut speed.


Floor_Donut(tag, pillar_speed, donut_speed)


  • tag: tag of sectors to trigger. If 0, it will trigger the sector behind the line. The tag belongs to the pillar.
  • pillar_speed: speed to move tagged sectors by, in eighths of units (e.g. 16 is equivalent to standard Doom door speed).
  • donut_speed: the speed value for the donut sectors.


No examples given.


The best known examples of donuts are the chainsaw secret in Doom E1M2 and the chaingun secret in Doom E2M2. Both the pillar and the donut (pool) will change their heights to fit the surrounding level. The donut sector changes its texture and type when it ends its movement.

The linedef special identification is 250 (UDMF) or 431 (ExtraData).

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