FloorAndCeiling LowerRaise

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FloorAndCeiling_LowerRaise(tag, floor_speed, ceiling_speed, boom_emulation)

  • ExtraData: 468
  • Hexen: 251

Raises the ceiling and lowers the floor, similar to the Hexen-based pillar openers. The ceiling and floor destinations are highest neighbor ceiling, respectively lowest neighbor floor. The parameters are:

  • tag: tag of target sectors.
  • floor_speed: speed with which to lower the floor.
  • ceiling_speed: ceiling speed
  • boom_emulation: special hack to emulate some buggy Boom and Doom specials. This parameter must be 1998 for emulation to work. When active, it will only cause either the ceiling or the floor to move. Usually the ceiling will move up, and only if it's busy, will the floor move down.