Floor LowerByValue

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20:Floor_LowerByValue(tag, speed, height, change)

36:Floor_LowerByValueTimes8(tag, speed, height, change)

Lowers tagged floors by height value. The Times8 variant lowers by height • 8.

Speed is number of eighths of units per tic (8 is the standard Doom floor speed). Change sets whether the floor texture and behaviour change and is one of the following values:

  • 0: no change
  • 1: trigger model, reset special
  • 2: numeric model, reset special
  • 3: trigger model, change texture only
  • 4: numeric model, change texture only
  • 5: trigger model, change texture and special
  • 6: numeric model, change texture and special

Trigger model means to use the floor in front of the trigger linedef as reference. Numeric means to use the surrounding floors of the tagged sectors.

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