Door Raise

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12:Door_Raise(tag, speed, delay, lighttag)

Opens a door which closes after a given delay.


  • tag: tag of sectors whose doors will open. 0 means the sector behind the trigger line.
  • speed: movement speed. 16 is like Doom's classic doors, 64 is like the turbo doors.
  • delay: time in tics since the door is fully open until it starts closing. 150 is the time for Doom's doors.
  • lighttag: optional tag of sector to light up or darken as the door moves.


Use this special if you want to use Doom's classic doors. A door with tag 0 and "player uses" activation can be retriggered (i.e. closed and opened any times user wishes), being equivalent to a classic Doom DR/D1 door. Otherwise it will act like a remotely switched door.

Lighttag sectors will be lit between their minimum neighbour and maximum neighbour levels.

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