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This list of codepointers is a list of all the action routines which can be used in EDF frames. They are common for all games, so for example Heretic codepointers can be used in Doom.

You can specify the codepointers with or without their internal A_ prefix, even inside DECORATE state syntax. For simplicity, they will be referred in this wiki without the prefix.

Note that some codepointers, inherited from MBF, use the misc1 and misc2 frame properties, instead of the more general args list. Side effects aside, this also means that they will not be usable in the DECORATE syntax, but they all have DECORATE-compatible equivalents.

IMPORTANT: Do not provide more nonzero arguments to the codepointers than specified in the reference. Doing so may break forward compatibility with versions of Eternity that implement new functionality to codepointers.

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Player guns[edit]




Muzzle flash effects[edit]

  • GunFlash: produces gunflash sprite without firing anything
  • Light0: resets the muzzle light level
  • Light1: muzzle light level 1
  • Light2

Sound effects[edit]

Frame scripting[edit]

Map objects[edit]

Explosions and flames[edit]



  • AlertMonsters: shout so other monsters chase the player
  • Chase: pursue a target and check for attack
  • CPosRefire: go to seestate if target is out of sight
  • Face: face a specified angle
  • FaceTarget: turn to target, look around it if it's partly invisible
  • GenRefire: customizable refire control
  • KeepChasing: pursue target without attacking
  • Look: stand in guard, looking for targets
  • RandomWalk: random wandering for inactive enemies
  • Sor1Chase: d'sparil mount specific chase
  • Sor1Pain: d'sparil mount specific twitch. Calls Pain.
  • SpidRefire: like CPosRefire, slightly modified
  • Turn: turn around a specified angle
  • VileChase: same as Chase, but resurrecting encountered cadavers

AI attacks[edit]


Original Doom[edit]



  • BossDeath: special monster death functions (such as Baron death in E1M8)
  • BrainDie: exits the level
  • CasingThrust: movement for ejected casing
  • Die: causes suicide
  • FadeIn: increments alpha
  • FadeOut: decrements alpha, DOESN'T destroy the thing
  • Fall: remove SOLID flag (used on dying monsters)
  • HideThing: Sets DONTDRAW flag on an object
  • KeenDie: open 666-tagged doors on death of all like-named monsters
  • KillChildren: destroy all summoned things
  • LineEffect: activate a tag using a special
  • PainNukeSpec
  • RestoreArtifact: Adds the SPECIAL flag back to an object, sets the object back into its spawnstate, and plays the object's seesound.
  • RestoreSpecialThing1: Removes the DONTDRAW flag from an object. If the object defines the itemrespawnat property, it will at this time be moved to a random spot if any such spots exist on the map (otherwise the item will remain where it spawned originally). The item will play its seesound.
  • RestoreSpecialThing2: Adds the SPECIAL flag back to an object and sets the object back into its spawnstate.
  • SetFlags: alter flags
  • SetTranslucent: modify alpha amount; setup additiveness or fuzziness
  • ShowMessage: display text message
  • Spawn: create another object on top of this one
  • SteamSpawn: create steam effects
  • Stop: set velocity to 0
  • UnHideThing: Unsets DONTDRAW flag on an object
  • UnSetFlags: alter flags


Sound effects[edit]

  • AmbientThinker: ambient sound maintenance
  • BabyMetal: bspwlk sound effect — also includes Chase!
  • BrainAwake: loud bossit sound effect
  • BrainPain: loud bospn sound effect
  • FatRaise: mancubus warning — also includes FaceTarget
  • FireCrackle: flame sound effect — also includes "Fire" action!
  • Hoof: cyberdemon hoof sound — also includes Chase!
  • Metal: metal sound effect — also includes Chase!
  • Pain: play pain sound
  • PlayerScream: player-specific, health-dependent (death) sound
  • PlaySound: custom sound
  • PlaySoundEx: extended custom sound
  • Scream: play death sound
  • SkelWhoosh: revenant swing noise — also includes FaceTarget
  • SpawnSound: boscub sound effect — also includes SpawnFly
  • StartFire: flamst sound effect — also includes "Fire" action!
  • VileStart: archvile heat-up noise
  • XScream: extreme death gut noise

Frame scripting[edit]