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CustomPlayerMelee is a parameterized player weapon codepointer. This codepointer allows construction of custom player melee attacks. Two major classes of attacks are possible: punch-style and chainsaw-style, depending on the parameters given.


CustomPlayerMelee (dmgfactor, dmgmod [, berserk [, deflection [, soundname]]])


  • dmgfactor: Damage factor. Damage formula is: dmgfactor * ((rnd%dmgmod) + 1)
  • dmgmod: Damage modulus. (Clamped into range of 1 to 256)
  • berserk: Berserk multiplier. (Default 0, x*damage when player is berserk)
  • deflection: Select angle deflection type. (Default None)
    • none = None
    • punch = Punch-style deflection (player will face object)
    • chainsaw = Chainsaw-style deflection (player will face object and be wiggled around)
  • soundname: The "nice name" of the sound to play. See the sound EDF block for how to define this.


No examples given.


The Berserk multiplier can be applied to any attack, but that if it is 0, you will do zero damage when berserk! The Berserk multiplier should be 1 when no berserk bonus is desired.

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