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Parameter Information[edit]

  • misc1 = Line special (default of 0 = 0)
  • misc2 = Sector tag (default of 0 = 0)


Allows objects to trigger linedef specials from frames. This effect can trigger any W1/WR/S1/SR line effect. It does not work for G1/GR line effects. If a W1 or S1 line effect is triggered, the object will not be able to trigger any additional line effects. If the line special provided is not a valid type, nothing will occur. Note that the action will occur as if a player has activated the line, and not a monster.

Notes: As of Eternity Engine v3.31 Delta, this codepointer cannot cause accidental corruption of memory under any circumstances. While exceedingly rare, this could have occurred occasionally in MBF and SMMU.

Warning: This codepointer may cause undesired side effects in some situations by affecting the first line defined in the map and/or the sector(s) which it references. Use with caution!