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Type: AI pointer, normal

Purpose: Causes an object to look for monster corpses as it walks. When a corpse is encountered which has a resurrection state, is currently in a frame with a -1 tics value, and is not currently blocked by any other creature, the object will stop beside it and transfer to frame #266 (S_VILE_HEAL). The object being resurrected will emit the DSSLOP sound and will be placed into its first resurrection frame. The resurrected object's normal height, radius, health, and flags information will be restored. Friendliness of the object performing the resurrection will be transferred to the resurrected object (friendly objects resurrect friends, and vice versa). If no corpses are found to resurrect, control transfers to the Chase codepointer for normal attack and walking logic.

Notes: If comp_vile is set, crushed creatures will not have their height or radius information restored, and will become "ghosts."