Door LockedRaise

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13:Door_LockedRaise(tag, speed, delay, lock, lighttag)

Opens a locked door.


  • tag: tag of sectors to open as locked doors. 0 means the sector behind the trigger linedef.
  • speed: movement speed. 16 is common doors, 64 turbo.
  • delay: time to stay open. Can be 0 to keep the door(s) open permanently (unlike Door_Raise which needs Door_Open for this purpose).
  • lock: a lock definition ID. Check EDF file "base/game/items.edf" lockdef entries for supported values.
  • lighttag: optional sectors to light, Boom-style, as door opens and closes.


This door can be "manual" and retriggerable if its activation mode is "use" and tag 0. To have a door which doesn't close, use delay 0.

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