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Powerful codepointer which allows custom Pain Elemental style attacks.


ThingSummon(thingtype, distance, height, fail_action, relation)


  • thingtype: Name of thing type to summon
  • distance: Prestep distance (added to distance between thing and summoner)
  • height: Z distance of object above summoner's z coordinate
  • fail_action: one of the following values:
    • 0 or kill: If the object can't fit, it will be killed.
    • 1 or remove: If the object can't fit, it will be removed.
  • relation: One of the following values:
    • 0 or normal: The object is normal.
    • 1 or makechild: The object is made a child of the summoner.


No examples given.


Objects will not be spawned in locations where they are stuck, or across blocking lines. There is no limit on the number of objects spawned when using this pointer.

If relation is makechild, the spawned object will be killable by codepointers like KillChildren.

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