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Type: Monster attack, normal

Purpose: Pain Elemental attack codepointer. If the object's target is valid, it will face toward it. If the comp_pain variable is asserted, the monster will check the number of lost souls on the level. If that number is higher than 20, no attack will occur. If the flag is not set, there is no limitation. The monster will then spawn one lost soul immediately in front of it and face it toward its own target. If the comp_skull variable is off, the lost soul will be destroyed immediately if it is spawned over a blocking line. The lost soul's target will be set equal to the monster's, and then the SkullAttack codepointer will be called on it such that it performs a lost soul attack.

Notes: The MBF friendliness flag's state is transferred to the spawned lost soul. Friendly Pain Elementals shoot friendly lost souls; enemy PE's fire enemies.

Thunk: Yes.