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ACS function[edit]

int SpawnSpotForced (str classname, int spottid [, int tid [, int angle]])

Spawns (creates) things on top of tagged map spot things. It will do so even if the locations are blocked. Teleportation fog will not be produced.


  • classname: type of thing to create. Can use ZDoom-compatible "compatname" as well as EDF thing type name.
  • spottid: TID of map spot thing to spawn objects on top of. Even though standard map spot things are usual, they're not required to be of this kind.
  • tid: optional TID to give to the newly spawned things. Keep it 0 (the default) if you don't want to give them a custom TID.
  • angle: byte angle facing of spawned things. Default is 0 (east).

Return value[edit]

The number of things spawned.

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