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This is an ACS built-in function.

Plays a sound belonging to a thingtype's description, such as its pain or sight sounds.


void PlayActorSound(int tid, int sound[, int channel[, fixed volume[, bool looping[, fixed attenuation]]]])


  • tid: tag of thing to play sound
  • sound: one of thingtype's specific sounds to play. NOTE: anything not listed here is unimplemented. Valid values are: SOUND_See, SOUND_Attack, SOUND_Pain, SOUND_Death and SOUND_Active.
  • channel: one of the sound channels to play through. Default is CHAN_BODY. Valid values are: CHAN_AUTO, CHAN_WEAPON, CHAN_VOICE, CHAN_ITEM, CHAN_BODY, CHAN_5, CHAN_6 and CHAN_7.
  • volume: how loud to play. Default is 0.9921875.
  • looping: whether to loop the sound. Default is FALSE.
  • attenuation: how quickly to fade out the sound with distance. Default is ATTN_NORM. Valid values are: ATTN_NONE, ATTN_NORM, ATTN_IDLE and ATTN_STATIC.

Return value[edit]


No examples given.


No particular notes.

This function's identification in zspecial.acs is: -71:PlayActorSound(2,6).

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