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The Eternity Engine supports several cheat codes besides what vanilla Doom has. The list follows.

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  • This section incorporates text from the HTML Eternity documentation.

Classic Doom cheats[edit]

These cheats are available in Doom and Doom 2, and function mostly if not identically the same.


IDMUS allows the music to be changed to any other internally defined music. Type IDMUS and then the level number to hear the song that plays on that map (in DOOM and Heretic, use the episode and then map; in DOOM II, use the 2-digit map number). Typing numbers beyond the number of levels in the game will allow you to hear other songs such as intermission, title, and ending music. This cheat won't crash on bad numbers like DOOM originally could.


IDCHOPPERS gives you the chainsaw. It is named after a game entered in a state programming contest, and the message it gives is related to it.


IDDQD sets the player's health to 100 and toggles god mode. DQD stands for Delta-Q-Delta, a supposed fraternity for programmers where the requirement for entry was at least one Q (a mark given in college for a class withdrawal) on your transcript.


These cheats give the following:

  • IDK: All six DOOM keys
  • IDKFA: All six keys, full ammo and weapons, and armor
  • IDFA: Full ammo, weapons, and armor, but no keys

IDK is new as of the BOOM engine. According to the Linux DOOM source, KFA either stands for killer fraggin' arsenal (although a less kosher word is used for fraggin'), or Keys and Full Ammo. You can take your pick.


These two cheats have identical functionality, which is turning off the game's clipping code for the player. This allows you to walk through walls and solid things, and even completely out of the map. SPISPOPD stands for "Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris," and has its origins in the pre-DOOM-release Usenet mayhem.


Typing IDBEHOLD will bring up a small menu where you can choose to enable one of various powerup effects. To choose a powerup, use the following keys:

  • R: Toggles radiation suit
  • I: Toggles partial invisibility
  • V: Toggles invulnerability (with inverse colormap)
  • A: Toggles all-map cheat (reveals the automap)
  • L: Toggles lite-amp goggles
  • S: Toggles berserk strength

In DOOM, some of these effects would wear off after the normal amount of time. By default, Eternity allows them to stay on forever until you explicitly turn them off by typing the cheat again.


This cheat allows you to change levels. In DOOM or Heretic, type the episode number and then the map number after the cheat. In DOOM II, type the two-digit level number. You can only warp to levels which are normally in the game, even if other map numbers are available in the wad (to warp to oddly-named or higher-numbered levels, use Eternity's map console command).


This cheat prints detailed information about your current location. The format of its output has been improved over that which was used in DOOM; however, this cheat's function is mostly obsoleted by the automap coordinates widget.


To activate this cheat, go to the automap and type IDDT. Doing this once will allow you to see all lines in the map. Doing it again will allow you to also see all things in the map. Type it a third time to return the automap to normal. You can see some areas of the map with IDDT that you cannot see with the all-map powerup.

BOOM and MBF Cheats[edit]

These cheats were added in BOOM and MBF. Some of them have been changed slightly (in BOOM, many of them had a TNT prefix, which was removed in MBF).


This cheat toggles all of the compatibility vector variables at once, turning them on or off.


This cheat kills all monsters on the map, keeping count (it counts monsters which do not normally count for kills, such as Lost Souls, so the number may be higher than the kill count for the map). If there are no enemy monsters on the map and you type this, it will kill all friends on the map (not including the player, of course).

Same as the "nuke" console command.


This cheat toggles the BOOM HOM detection feature. Depending on your settings, HOM will appear either as solid red or as a red flashing area when this cheat is enabled.

Same as the "r_showhom /" console command.


Type KEY to bring up a menu, then type R, Y, or B to choose a key color (red, yellow, or blue). Then, type C or S to select card or skull. Once you make the final selection, the key will either be given to you if you don't have it, or it will be taken away. This lets you select the key you need (especially useful in maps with missing keys).


Type WEAP, then type a number (1-9 in DOOM II, 1-8 in DOOM). The selected weapon which is associated with that slot will either be added or removed, depending on whether you have it or not (note the Super Shotgun is weapon #9 in DOOM II). You can remove the fist, chainsaw, and pistol with this code, but cannot get them back unless you type it again.


Type AMMO, then either type a number from 1 to 4, or B for Backpack. The selected ammo will be added or taken away (yes, you can remove the backpack if you already have it). Ammo types are bullets, shells, rockets, and cells.


This code toggles translucency rendering effects (both BOOM-style and DosDOOM-style). Sometimes turning this off can help the framerate a bit, especially on really old machines.


Type this cheat to toggle BOOM friction effects.


Type this cheat to toggle BOOM pusher effects.

Same as the "pushers /" console command.


Type this cheat to toggle the effects of damaging sectors.

Eternity Cheats[edit]

These cheat codes are new to Eternity.


This cheat toggles the new total invisibility powerup effect. When totally invisible, enemies will not awaken by seeing you. Deaf enemies cannot awaken at all, since they can neither see nor hear you. However, if a normal enemy hears you, this cheat will only become as good as partial invisibility, as the demons have a sense for where you are even when you are invisible.


This cheat toggles the Heretic shadowsphere effect. You will become translucent, and if you move slowly and keep at a distance, enemies may fail to see you. They also cannot aim at you well even when they do see you, just as with partial and total invisibility.

Same as the "r_trans /" console command.


This cheat toggles infinite ammo. When turned on, none of your weapons will use any ammo whatsoever.


This cheat toggles the new silencer powerup effect. When active, your weapons' sounds will not cause enemies to awaken. When combined with HIDEME, enemies will never wake up unless you hurt them.


This is a master cheat which will make you all-powerful. It will turn on god mode, infinite ammo, total invisibility, and silencer effects if they are not on (it will not deactivate them if you type it again). It also gives full ammo, weapons, and armor.