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Console commands carry out a particular action when sent to the console.

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Console commands[edit]

Console commands are executed, they don't inherently store values to be checked.


Console commands have flags assigned to them, which alter their usability. They are:

  • buffered: wait until all screen has rendered before running command.
  • hidden: not showing when running cmdlist.
  • level: only runnable during levels.
  • netvar: under multiplayer, synchronizes with the other players.
  • notnet: forbidden in multiplayer (unless during a demo).
  • server: if under multiplayer, only triggerable by the "server" player.


The commands can be grouped by their purpose:

  • Control: general game control.
  • Core: main console stuff, such as "echo" or "delay".
  • I/O: input/output setup.
  • Information: purely informative commands. Can be executed any time as they don't affect the game.
  • Logging: special console logging commands.
  • Menu: commands that show various menus, as well as a few commands with actual effects, which depend on the current menu state, and can't be run standalone.
  • Testing: gameplay testing and "cheating" commands.

List of console commands[edit]

Name Parameters Flags Category Description
addfile wadfilename buffered notnet Control Adds the specified wad file at run-time. Some features will not function completely as expected when WADs are loaded at run-time, so for maximum compatibility always use the command line to load files.
alias newcmdname command Core alias alone will list all currently defined aliases. Providing newcmdname alone will remove that alias if it exists. Providing newcmdname and a valid console command will create "newcmdname" as an alias to that command, allowing shortcuts.

In order to make an alias take parameters, use the special variable "%opt", as such:

 alias "mycommand" "hu_overlay %opt"
animshot numframes Control Takes the given number of consecutive screenshots for the purpose of making a crude animation. Would be useful for animated GIFs or AVI movies. This command will make the game run very slow, however, and will eat up disk space quickly, so use it with care.
banish level notnet Testing If the player is autoaiming at an enemy, the enemy will be removed from the play simulation and its memory will be freed once no other objects reference it.
bind keyname actionname I/O Binds the specified action to the specified key. actionname is a string and should be enclosed in quotes if it contains whitespace. actionname may specify any valid action or console command. If "actionname" is not provided, the current binding status of the specified key will be displayed.
bindings Information Dumps a list of all active keybindings to the console.
buddha level notnet Testing Toggles "Buddha" mode, where you can take any amount of damage without dying.
c_popup Core Instantly removes the console from view.
closelog Logging Closes a console log opened by the openlog command. If no logging is currently occuring, this command does nothing. This command doesn't apply to files used by dumplog, as they are closed immediately, so it doesn't need to be used with the dumplog command.
cmdlist filter Core Displays all user-visible console commands, one per line. As of Eternity Engine v3.31 Delta, this command accepts an optional filter parameter that, if provided, should consist of a single character between A and Z. The character will be used to filter the command list down to only commands beginning with that letter.
creator Information Displays the name of the creator as set in EMAPINFO.
credits Menu Displays game engine / game credits.
cvarhelp variablename Core Outputs a list of possible values for the given variable.
delay amt Core Delays the running of the next console command by either 1, or if provided, by amt game tics.
defdmflags mode server Control Sets the deathmatch flags variable to its default settings. If no argument is provided, dmflags is set to the default for the current game type. Otherwise, the "mode" parameter indicates what game mode's defaults to set, with the following values:
  • 0 = Single-player mode
  • 1 = Cooperative mode
  • 2 = Deathmatch mode
  • 3 = Altdeath mode (deathmatch 2.0, items respawn)
  • 4 = Trideath mode (DM 3, barrels respawn, players drop backpacks)
dir Information Lists the contents of the current working directory to the console.
dumplog filename Logging Dumps the current state of the console message buffer to the specified file as ASCII text. The text will be appended to the file if it already exists, allowing multiple use of a single log file.
e_dumpitemeffect mnemonic Information Displays the properties of an item effect metatable.
e_dumpitems Information Lists all EDF thing type mnemonics and DeHackEd/DoomEd numbers for thing types which are collectable items. Useful in conjunction with the give command.
e_dumpmeta mnemonic Information Displays the properties stored in the metatable for the given thingtype.
e_dumpstate mnemonic Information Displays information on one EDF state definition.
e_dumpthings Information Lists all EDF thing type mnemonics along with the DeHackEd numbers and doomednums of the corresponding types.
e_linedef recordnum level Information Lists verbose information on an ExtraData linedef record with the given numeric record number. If no such linedef is defined or no ExtraData exists for the current map, an appropriate error message will be given.
e_listkeyitems Information Lists all key-type artifact definitions.
e_listlinedefs level Information Lists all linedef definitions from the current map's ExtraData. If no linedefs are defined or no ExtraData exists for the current map, an appropriate error message will be given.
e_listmapthings level Information Lists all mapthing definitions from the current map's ExtraData. If no mapthings are defined or no ExtraData exists for the current map, an appropriate error message will be given.
e_mapthing recordnum level Information Lists verbose information on an ExtraData mapthing record with the given numeric record number. If no such mapthing is defined or no ExtraData exists for the current map, an appropriate error message will be given.
e_playsound name Testing Plays an EDF sound.
e_thingtype thingtypename Information Lists verbose information on an EDF thingtype with the given mnemonic. If no such thingtype is defined, an error message will be given.
echo msg Core Echoes a string message to the console. As with all console strings, the string should be in quotes if it contains whitespace.
enable_lightning Testing Enables lightning sky effects in current level.
endgame notnet Testing Ends game and drops to console mode.
ev_mapsectorspecs level Information List out all the sector specials in use on the current map.
ev_mapspecials level Information Lists all linedef specials in current map.
exitlevel level netvar server Testing Exits the current level. Starting with EE v3.31 beta 1, this command will not allow an exit if the player is dead unless the comp_zombie variable is set to allow zombie exits.
flood Testing Writes 300 garbage characters to the console. Usefulness is of debate.
fly level notnet Testing Toggles flight mode, allowing you to fly like when having the Wings of Wrath.
frags Information Displays the current frag count for all players.
g_padprofile profilename I/O Runs a console script that can setup default bindings for a particular model/brand of gamepad. Profilename is the name of a lump, typically inside "gamepads/" in the Eternity's PKE. Example values (as currently in the base Eternity PKE) are:
  • firestorm digital 3
  • vanilla
  • xbox360 keylook
  • xbox360
give thingtypename num level notnet Testing Spawns 1, or "num" if provided, of the object with this EDF thing type name on the player and causes the player to collect it/them. If the requested thing type is not collectable, it will not be spawned. In addition, if a collectable item is not picked up by the player, it will be removed immediately.
GIVEARSENAL level notnet Testing Gives all weapons (as with IDFA).
GIVEKEYS level notnet Testing Gives all keys (as with IDK).
god level notnet Testing Toggles god mode (IDDQD) on or off.
help Menu Displays built-in and user-provided help screens. See the BOOM editing reference on how to provide up to 99 custom help screens.
i_error ... Testing Exits Eternity with error. Prints any arguments provided as a single string when the game exits.
i_exitwithmessage ... Testing Causes a non-error exit with message.
i_fatalerror ... Testing Exits Eternity with error. Prints any arguments provided as a single string when the game exits.
i_joystick num I/O Selects the gamepad configured in num, if it can be found.
infammo level notnet Testing Toggles infinite ammo (INFSHOTS) on or off.
kill level netvar Testing Causes the player to commit suiceide.
listactions Information Displays a list of all bindable actions, aside from console commands.
listkeys Information Displays a list of all bindable key names. Not all bindable key codes correspond to pressable keys, however. Most pressable keys have obvious names which correspond to those on the keyboard.
listskins Information Lists names of all available player skins.
listwads Information Lists all currently loaded WAD files.
map mapname netvar server Control Transfers game play to the given map. mapname may be the name of a WAD file to load, as well as the name of a map header itself.
 	map E1M1
 	map w00t.wad
maxdisplaynum Information Displays the maximum index of the available displaynum.
mdk level notnet Testing Fires a tracer from the player that instantly kills any monster the player is targetting.
mdkbomb level notnet Testing As above, but fires 60 such tracers in a circle around the player.
mn_advkeys Menu Displays the advanced movement control customize menu.
mn_automap Menu Displays the automap options menu.
mn_automapkeys Menu Displays the automap keybindings menu.
mn_bindings Menu Displays the control customize menu.
mn_clearmenus Menu Deactivates any active menu and returns to the game
mn_compat Menu Displays the DOOM compatibility options menu.
mn_config Menu Displays the user configuration menu.
mn_consolekeys Menu Brings up the console keybindings menu.
mn_demos notnet Menu Displays the Demos menu
mn_dynamenu menuname Menu Brings up the EDF dynamic menu with the given mnemonic. If no such menu exists, an error message will appear in the console.
mn_endgame Menu Prompts the user to end the current game and return to the title screen.
mn_enemies Menu Displays enemy AI options menu.
mn_envkeys Menu Displays the environment keybindings menu.
mn_episode num notnet Menu Brings up the Doom difficulty selection menu. Num it the index of the episode after which to show the difficulty settings.
mn_gamefuncs Menu Brings up the game function key bindings menu.
mn_gset Menu Brings up the game settings menu.
mn_hepis num notnet Menu Brings up the Heretic difficulty selection menu. Num it the index of the episode after which to show the difficulty settings.
mn_hud Menu Displays the heads-up display options menu.
mn_joymenu Menu Brings up the SDL joystick configuration menu. NOTE: This command does not exist in the DOS version of Eternity.
mn_load slotnum Menu Loads the save game from save slot slotnum.
mn_loadgame Menu Displays the load game menu.
mn_loadwad notnet Menu Displays the wad/file options menu.
mn_menukeys Menu Brings up the menue control keybindings menu.
mn_menus Menu Brings up the menu options menu.
mn_mouse Menu Displays the mouse options menu.
mn_movekeys Menu Displays the basic movement control customize menu.
mn_newgame Menu Displays the New Game menu or takes the player to the start map, depending on their configuration.
mn_old_options Menu Displays the vanilla Doom options menu.
mn_old_sound Menu Displays the vanilla Doom sounds menu.
mn_options Menu Displays the main options menu.
mn_padtest Menu If there's an active gamepad, brings up the testing widget.
mn_particle Menu Displays the particle effects options menu.
mn_player Menu Displays the player setup menu.
mn_prevmenu Menu Returns user to the last menu they viewed, or to the game if the present menu is the highest-most in that chain.
mn_quit Menu Displays a prompt asking the user if they want to quit.
mn_savegame Menu Displays the save game menu. Will not display if not in a level.
mn_selectflat Menu Brings up the menu background customization menu.
mn_selectmusic Menu Brings up the music menu.
mn_selectwad Menu Brings up the wad selection dialog box. The selected wad cannot be loaded if the current gamemode is a shareware game. Flags: not in a netgame
mn_sound Menu Displays the sound options menu.
mn_status Menu Displays the status bar options menu.
mn_testfont fontname [message] Testing Displays a widget to test a font.
mn_video Menu Displays the video options menu.
mn_weaponkeys Menu Displays the weapon control customize menu.
mn_weapons Menu Displays the weapons preferences menu
newgame notnet Menu Clears any active menus and starts a new game.
noclip level notnet Testing Toggles no clipping (IDCLIP) on or off.
nuke netvar level server Testing Kills all enemies on the level, and if there are no enemies, kills all friends on the level (equivalent to KILLEM).
openlog filename Logging Opens the specified file in append mode and begins writing any text printed to the console into the file. All console messages will be logged until either the closelog command is used, or the program closes. Note this log file is totally separate from any used with the "dumplog" command, which is simply for saving the current buffer. If a log file is already open, this command does nothing.
p_dumphubs Information Displays hub information (if hubs exist).
p_linespec name arg arg arg arg arg level notnet Testing Executes the named Eternity Engine parameterized line special with the given parameters. The line special is restricted to behaving as though it has been invoked without any linedef to reference, and thus certain effects such as sector special transfers will not occur even if specified by the special type or arguments.
p_testenvironment id1 id2 level Testing Alters player's sound zone to the one identified by id1 and id2.
pause server Control Pauses or unpauses the game.
playdemo demoname notnet Control Plays the given demo normally.
playerinfo Information Displays name information for all connected players.
puke script arg... notnet Testing Executes an ACS script. Neither activator thing nor trigger linedef are set.
r_changesky texturename [index] Testing Changes sky to specified one in texturename. If index is set, it uses the specified sky flat (if more than one).
quicksave Control Quicksaves a game. First time command is used, a slot must be chosen normally. Subsequent uses will overwrite the save in that slot.

NOTE: does nothing in network games or demos

quickload Control Quickloads a game from a previously chosen quicksave slot. NOTE: does nothing in network games or demos
quit Control Plays a random monster sound and exits the game normally, with no prompt.
quote Core Currently does nothing.
restartmap server netvar Testing Restarts current map.
resurrect level notnet Testing Raises dead player.
s_playmusic name Testing Plays the given lump as music, if that lump can be found in the music hash table. Only lumps listed in the internal music table, or new lumps with names beginning with "D_" in DOOM or "MUS_" in Heretic are available.
say ... netvar Control Sends all arguments as a single message to all players in a network game.
screenshot Control Takes a single screenshot. Bind this command to a key in order to take a shot without the console in the way.
skinviewer Menu Brings up the skin viewer menu widget.
snd_selectbank Menu Brings up the ADLMidi sound bank selector menu.
spacejump hidden notnet Testing Allows the player to jump any number of times in midair; useful for testing linked portals.
spectate_next Control Switches display to next player (spy mode). Only works during non-deathmatch gameplay, or during any multiplayer demo.
spectate_prev Control Switches display to previous player (spy mode). Only works during non-deathmatch gameplay, or during any multiplayer demo.
starttitle notnet Testing Returns the game to the title screen / demo / credits loop.
stopdemo notnet Control Stops any currently playing demo and drops to console.
summon thingtypename flagslist mode hidden level notnet Testing Allows spawning of things via their EDF thing type name. An EDF/BEX flag list can optionally be provided, with the flags separated by commas only. By default, this will cause the listed flags to be added to the thing along with its normal flags. By specifying the third parameter as "set" or "remove", it is possible to set the thing's flags value to only the listed flags, or to remove the listed flags if the thingtype has them set by default.

Example to spawn a friendly thing:

$ summon doomimp friend 
thunder Testing Forces a thunder to occur.
timedemo demoname showmenu notnet Control Starts the given demo as a time demo, in which the framerate of the game can be measured. If showmenu is set to 1, a meter comparing the framerate against that of a "fast" machine will be displayed after the demo is complete. Otherwise, the framerate will be printed to the console as a number.
togglefullscreen buffered I/O Toggles between fullscreen and window, by toggling between 'w' and 'f' in the current geom string.
unbind keyname bindingclass I/O Unbinds the specified key from any action, or from only the action in the specified class if the bindingclass parameter is specified. As of Eternity Engine v3.31 Delta, keys may have one binding from each separate binding class. Binding class numbers are displayed next to action names when using the "bind keyname" command.
unbindall I/O Releases *all* dynamic keybindings. Use with caution!
v_dumppatch lumpname filename fillcolor Testing Dumps a patch to a file as a PNG.
v_fontcolors fontname filename Testing Writes the colors of fontname to a file names filename.
vilehit level notnet Testing If the player is autoaiming at an enemy, the player will perform an Arch-vile attack on that enemy.
viles hidden level notnet Testing A special command for DOOM II only. Try it and see what happens :)
w_masterlevels [skill] notnet Menu Shows the Master Levels menu, assuming master_levels_dir is properly configured.
w_playnorest [skill] Control Start playing No Rest for the Living (if available).
w_writelump lumpname Testing Writes a lump to a file, with the name of the lump followed by .lmp, stored in the user game path.
warp x y level notnet Testing Teleports player to given XY coordinates.
whistle thingtypename level notnet Testing If there is a live, friendly thing of the given EDF type, the first such thing found on the map will be teleported in front of the player. If the thing doesn't fit where the player is trying to teleport it, it will not be teleported. It will also not be teleported across blocking lines.
xl_dumpemapinfo mapname Information Displays information on a single EMAPINFO (Eternity) entry by map name.
xl_dumpmapinfo mapname Information Displays information on a single MAPINFO (Hexen/ZDoom) entry by map name.
z_dumpcore hidden Information Write the zone heap to a file. Useful for debugging.
z_print hidden Information Prints the zone heap. Useful for development debugging.

Console constants[edit]

These can't be changed, and when executed, show their content as information.

Name Description
version Eternity version number (only the major and minor components, not the subversion).
ver_date Build date.
ver_time Build time.
ver_name Textual name of version.
rngseed Show the random generator seed.

Console variables[edit]

These items store inherent values (unlike the commands) which can be queried by simply executing the variable without a new value, and can also be changed, often with side effects to the game.

Name Type Limits Description
mapcolor_back int 0 to 255 Colour of automap background
mapcolor_grid int 0 to 255 Colour of grid
mapcolor_wall int 0 to 255 Colour of normal walls
mapcolor_fchg int 0 to 255 Colour of lines with floor height change
mapcolor_cchg int 0 to 255 Colour of lines with ceiling height change
mapcolor_clsd int 0 to 255 Colour of closed doors or areas
mapcolor_rkey int 0 to 255 Colour of red key objects
mapcolor_bkey int 0 to 255 Colour of blue key objects
mapcolor_ykey int 0 to 255 Colour of yellow key objects
mapcolor_rdor int 0 to 255 Colour of red doors
mapcolor_bdor int 0 to 255 Colour of blue doors
mapcolor_ydor int 0 to 255 Colour of yellow doors
mapcolor_tele int 0 to 255 Colour of teleport lines
mapcolor_secr int 0 to 255 Colour of secret sector boundaries
mapcolor_exit int 0 to 255 Colour of exit lines
mapcolor_unsn int 0 to 255 Colour of computer map unexplored lines
mapcolor_flat int 0 to 255 Colour of no-height-change line seen when doing iddt
mapcolor_sprt int 0 to 255 Colour of normal map objects when doing iddt/iddt
mapcolor_hair int 0 to 255 Colour of map pointer
mapcolor_sngl int 0 to 255 Colour of player arrow in single player
mapcolor_frnd int 0 to 255 Colour of friends in iddt/iddt
mapcolor_prtl int 0 to 255 Colour of lines from other portal layers
mapportal_overlay bool yes/no
am_drawnodelines toggle on/off Whether to draw node lines (and certain other internal lines not documented otherwise), for debugging
am_drawsegs toggle on/off Whether to draw BSP segs, for debugging.
am_dynasegs_bysubsec toggle yes/no
am_overlay toggle on/off Whether automap is in overlay mode.
c_height int 20 to 200 normal height of the console in pixels
c_speed int 1 to 200 speed at which console descends/recedes
d_drawfps toggle on/off
d_fastrefresh toggle on/off
d_interpolate toggle on/off
gl_colordepth int 16 to 32
gl_filter_type int 0 to 1 or GL_LINEAR, GL_NEAREST
gl_use_extensions toggle yes/no
gl_arb_pixelbuffer toggle yes/no
draw_particles bool on/off Whether to show particle effects.
bloodsplattype int 0 to 2 or sprites, particles, both effect for blood splats
bulletpufftype int 0 to 2 or sprites, particles, both effect for bullet puffs
rocket_trails bool on/off whether rockets have a smoke trail
grenade_trails bool on/off whether MBF grenades have a smoke trail
bfg_cloud bool on/off whether BFG projectiles have a particle cloud
alwaysmlook bool on/off Whether mouse movements are always interpreted as mouse-look.
invertmouse bool on/off Whether vertical mouse movements are reversed.
invert_padlock bool on/off
sens_horiz float 0 to 1024 Relative horizontal sensitivity of the mouse.
sens_vert float 0 to 1024 Relative vertical sensitivity of the mouse.
sens_combined int 0 to 16 Also changes sens_horiz and sens_vert with this value times 4.
sens_vanilla toggle yes/no
weapon_hotkey_cycling bool on/off Whether to allow a weapon key to select one from multiple weapons, as is the case with the fist/chainsaw and the two shotguns in original DOOM.
weapon_hotkey_holding bool on/off Whether holding the weapon key keeps changing the current weapon, when multiple weapons are selectable from the same key.
turbo int 10 to 400 Turbo scale factor for walking/running. Only affects current player, even in multiplayer.
cooldemo int 0 to 2 or off, random, follow If follow and if the level has intermission cameras, the view will move between them randomly during the demo. If random, it will alternate between the "follow" mode and the chase-cam. If off, demos are normal even in levels with intermission cameras.
shot_type int 0 to 3 or bmp, pcx, tga, png file type written when screenshots are taken
shot_gamma bool yes/no whether to create gamma correct screenshots
textmode_startup bool on/off If on, game starts in text mode like the original DOOM. If off, game starts in console mode with graphics.
demo_insurance int 0 to 2 or off, on, "when recording" Determines whether or not extra steps should be taken to ensure that demos will remain in sync. This should not be needed for vanilla Doom demos.
smooth_turning bool on/off Whether mouse turning is smoothed by the game.
mouse_accel_type int 0 to 3 or off, linear, choco, custom
mouse_accel_threshold int 0 to 1024
mouse_accel_value float 0 to 100
mouse_novert bool on/off
mouse_dblc1 int -1 to 2
mouse_dblc2 int -1 to 2
map_coords bool on/off Whether automap coordinates follow the pointer in non-follow mode, or show the player coordinates.
map_secret_after bool yes/no
numhelpers int 0 to 3 Number of helper creatures that spawn with the player.
autorun bool on/off Makes the player always run, without having to hold the shift key.
runiswalk bool on/off Makes it so the shift key makes the player walk if autorun is on.
iwad_doom_shareware string
iwad_doom string
iwad_ultimate_doom string
iwad_doom2 string
iwad_bfgdoom2 string
iwad_tnt string
iwad_plutonia string
iwad_hacx string
iwad_heretic_shareware string
iwad_heretic string
iwad_heretic_sosr string
iwad_freedoom string
iwad_freedoomu string
iwad_freedm string
master_levels_dir string Path to the Master Levels for DOOM II WADs. Must be path to the location which contains the actual WAD files. Used when starting the Master Level menu.
w_norestpath string
use_doom_config bool yes/no
i_joysticksens int 0 to 32767
i_forcefeedback toggle on/off
i_gamespeed int 0 to 500 Changes the speed of the entire game. The value is a percentage. 100 means the normal speed. Caution: setting 0 effectively freezes the game (stops time), but fortunately the console is available even then, so you can restore it to a nonzero value. This variable is useful for testing rendering interpolation.
v_retrace bool yes/no Vertical synchronization. Turn it on if the display looks like tearing in the middle when changing frames. Turn it off if you experience other problems due to it.
i_usemouse bool yes/no
i_grabmouse bool yes/no whether the window grabs mouse input
i_videomode string buffered This is a geom string. Use it to change the video mode.
i_resolution string buffered Resolution of the renderer's target (WWWWxHHHH or native). Usually it's set to native, which means to just use the same resolution as in i_videomode, but sometimes you may want a different resolution, such as for displaying in low-detail.
i_videodriverid int -1 to 1 or default, "SDL Software", "SDL GL2D"
i_letterbox toggle yes/no buffered Whether to enable letterboxing when i_videomode is set to a square tower-like aspect ratio. This flag only applies for that; it does not apply for fullscreen letter/pillarboxing of 4:3 or wider aspect ratios.
show_scores bool on/off Whether to show frags when you die.
hu_overlayid int -1 to 1 or default, "Modern HUD", "Boom HUD"
hu_overlaystyle int 0 to 4 or off, "boom style", flat, distributed, graphical
hu_hidesecrets bool yes/no whether to display kills/items/secrets on the HUD.
hu_obituaries bool on/off whether to show obituary when player dies.
hu_obitcolor int 0 to 9 Color of obituary message
hu_crosshair int 0 to 2 or none, cross, angle Shape/presence of aiming crosshairs.
hu_crosshair_hilite toggle on/off Whether crosshair will highlight when player is aiming at a monster or friend
hu_crosshair_scale toggle on/off Whether the crosshair gets scaled. It gets saved into the crosshair_scale OPTIONS field.
hu_messages bool on/off Whether to show HUD messages.
hu_messagealignment int 0 to 2 or default, left, centered
hu_messagecolor int 0 to 9 Colour of HUD messages.
hu_messagelines int 0 to 14 Number of lines of the HUD message widget.
hu_messagescroll bool yes/no Whether the widget can be scrolled to see previous messages.
hu_messagetime int 0 to 100000 Length of time messages appear.
hu_showtime toggle yes/no Whether to display level time in the automap.
hu_showcoords toggle yes/no Whether to display player/pointer coordinates in the automap.
hu_alwaysshowcoords toggle yes/no
hu_timecolor int 0 to 9 Colour of the time widget
hu_levelnamecolor int 0 to 9 Colour of the level name widget
hu_coordscolor int 0 to 9 Colour of the coordinate widget.
hu_restrictoverlaywidth toggle yes/no buffered Whether to restrict the modern HUD to a 16:9 subscreen (if at 16:9 or wider aspect)
mn_toggleisback toggle yes/no whether the menu_toggle keybinding action goes back one menu instead of exiting.
mn_background string length 8
wad_directory string length 1024 user's wad directory which will be listed in the wad loading dialog
mn_wadname string handlerset
mn_start_mapname string length 9 handlerset Exact map header name of a map at which a new game started from the menus should begin at. If invoked from the menus, this command will immediately invoke the gamemode-dependent skill selection menu when its value is set.
mn_demoname string length 12
startlevel string length 9 handlerset name of first level to start new games
mn_favaspectratio int 0 to 7 or Legacy, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 16:10, 5:3, WSVGA, 16:9
mn_favscreentype int 0 to 1 or windowed, fullscreen
mn_searchstr string length 32 string to search for in menus via the mn_search command
mn_classic_menus bool yes/no
chasecam bool on/off Whether to have a third-person camera behind you.
chasecam_height int -31 to 100 Preferred height of the chasecam above player's viewheight.
chasecam_dist int 10 to 1024 Preferred distance from chasecam to player.
chasecam_speed int 1 to 100 Percentage of distance to target chasecam moves per gametic.
walkcam bool on/off notnet Whether to control a walkcam, which lets you explore the entire level as a spectator.
spechits_emulation int 0 to 2 or off, chocodoom, prboomplus
donut_emulation bool on/off
p_markunknowns bool yes/no yes: location of unknown thingtypes will be marked with EDF Unknown objects. no: only messages are displayed when unknown things are used in a map.
wipewait int 0 to 2 or never, always, demos Whether or not the screen wipe routine blocks the main game loop
wipetype int 0 to 2 or none, melt, fade
p_lastenemyroar bool on/off
r_fov int 20 to 179
r_showrefused bool on/off
gamma int 0 to 4 Gamma correction level
lefthanded bool right/left whether player is left handed (flips the player weapon sprites)
r_blockmap bool on/off whether to rebuild blockmaps at runtime
r_homflash bool on/off whether to flash the HOM indicator or keep it red.
r_precache bool on/off whether to precache graphics
r_showgun bool yes/no whether to draw weapon sprites
r_showhom bool yes/no whether to show the flashing HOM indicator
r_stretchsky bool on/off (deprecated) Do not use. Skies no longer need stretching, as Eternity will just fade them to a flat colour when looking up.
r_swirl bool on/off Whether to enable the swirling effect for all animated flats. Meant mainly for testing the effect; otherwise it's preferable to use EDF animations.
r_trans bool on/off whether general translucency is enabled
r_tranpct int 0 to 100 general global translucency percentage
screensize int 0 to 8 buffered View frame size.
r_ptcltrans int 0 to 2 or none, smooth, general translucency type for particle effects — smoth is ZDoom-style smooth fading, and general is static, BOOM-style translucency as used in Eternity v3.29 Gamma and earlier.
r_columnengine int 0 to 1 or normal, quad
r_spanengine int 0 or highprecision
r_tlstyle int 0 to 2 or none, boom, new
r_boomcolormaps toggle on/off If on, causes all sectors with colormaps to apply the Boom-like logic of changing player's full colormap instead of using it locally. This is mainly for compatibility. See also sector-colormap in EMAPINFO for level-based options on how to customize this behaviour.
r_drawplayersprites toggle on/off
r_centerfire toggle on/off Whether to centre the weapon sprites when firing, like in GZDoom. Can also be saved in OPTIONS.
displaynum int 0 to number of displays
snd_card int -1 to 1 or "SDL mixer", none, "PC Speaker" type of sound driver to be used by SDL
mus_card int -1 to 0 or "SDL mixer", none MIDI driver used by SDL
detect_voices int 0 to 1 or yes, no Unused.
snd_spcpreamp int 1 to 6 amplification factor for SPC music
snd_spcbassboost int 0 to 31 logarithmic bass boost scale for SPC music
snd_mididevice int -1 to 0 or Default, ADLMIDI
snd_numchips int 1 to 8
snd_bank int 0 to bank count
snd_oplemulator int 0 to 4 or "Nuked 1.8", "Nuked 1.7.4", Dosbox, Opal, Java
s_lowfreq float minimum 0
s_highfreq float minimum 0
s_eqpreamp float 0 to 1
s_lowgain float 0 to 3
s_midgain float 0 to 3
s_highgain float 0 to 3
i_ledsoff bool yes/no Whether to keep keyboard LEDs off regardless of lock states.
i_waitatexit bool yes/no whether game will wait for input after exiting (yes), or shut down immediately (no).
i_showendoom bool yes/no whether to show ENDOOM on exit.
i_endoomdelay int 35 to 3500 how long is ENDOOM shown
com int 1 to 4 COM port to use for serial connections
ammo_red int 0 to 100 ammo amount at which status bar numbers turn red
ammo_yellow int 0 to 100 ammo amount at which status bar numbers turn yellow
health_red int 0 to 200 health amount at which status bar numbers turn red
health_yellow int 0 to 200 health amount at which status bar numbers turn yellow
health_green int 0 to 200 health amount at which status bar numbers turn green
armor_red int 0 to 200 armor amount at which status bar numbers turn red
armor_yellow int 0 to 200 armor amount at which status bar numbers turn yellow
armor_green int 0 to 200 armor amount at which status bar numbers turn green
armor_byclass toggle yes/no
st_graypct bool yes/no whether to keep % sign grey or to make it change colour with the numbers (if that's enabled).
st_rednum bool yes/no whether status bar numbers are always red, or coloured like in Boom.
st_singlekey bool yes/no Whether to show just the skull keys when both are picked, like in vanilla Doom.
st_fsalpha int 0 to 100
s_enviro_volume int 0 to 16
s_precache bool on/off whether to precache sounds at the beginning of the game
s_pitched bool on/off whether to have variable pitched sounds like in old Doom and new Doom re-releases.
snd_channels int 1 to 32 number of software sound channels to maintain.
sfx_volume int 0 to 15 base volume for digital sound effects
music_volume int 0 to 15 base volume for MIDI synthesis
s_flippan bool on/off whether to reverse stereo channels
s_hidefmusic bool on/off
s_randmusic toggle on/off
v_ticker int 0 to 3 or off, chart, classic, text FPS ticker display
bobbing bool on/off netvar on: players see themselves bob about like chickens. off: players see themselves scoot around like robots on wheels.
name string length 20 netvar Name of player.
dogjumping bool on/off netvar
dmflags int minimum 0 netvar deathmatch flags bitmask -- add the values below together to set individual flags; values are as follows:
  • 1 (0x1): items respawn
  • 2 (0x2): weapons stay
  • 4 (0x4): barrels respawn
  • 8 (0x8): players drop backpacks
  • 16 (0x10): super powerups respawn
  • 32 (0x20): instagib, any damage gibs players
  • 64 (0x40): keep items when player respawns
colour int netvar 0 to 14 or green, indigo, brown, red, tomato, dirt, blue, gold, sea, black, purple, orange, pink, cream, white Player's uniform color.
gametype int netvar 0 to 2 or single, coop, deathmatch determines rules used for gameplay; cannot set single if more than one player is present
skill int netvar 0 to 4 or "im too young to die", "hey not too rough", "hurt me plenty", "ultra violence", "nightmare" game skill level
allowmlook bool on/off netvar Whether to allow looking up and down.
bfgtype int netvar 0 to 4 or bfg9000, "press release", bfg11k, bouncing, "plasma burst" Choose between one of the various port-implemented BFG variants.
autoaim bool on/off netvar Autoaim enabled.
recoil bool on/off netvar Boom-style recoil enabled.
pushers bool on/off netvar Whether objects are affected by wind and current.
varfriction bool on/off netvar Whether players (and possibly monsters) experience variable friction.
nukage bool on/off netvar Whether damaging sectors hurt players as normal.
p_pitchedflight toggle on/off netvar Whether flying in a pitched direction follows that direction (unlike vanilla Heretic).
timelimit int 0 to 100 netvar Time limit for deathmatch.
fraglimit int 0 to 100 netvar Frag limit for deathmatch.
fast toggle on/off netvar Fast monsters.
nomonsters toggle on/off netvar No monsters spawned.
respawn toggle on/off netvar Respawning enabled.
mon_remember bool on/off netvar Monsters remember target.
mon_infight bool on/off netvar Monster infighting.
mon_backing bool on/off netvar Monsters backing out from melee attackers.
mon_avoid bool on/off netvar Monsters avoiding hazards such as crushing ceilings.
mon_friction bool on/off netvar Monsters affected by friction.
mon_climb bool on/off netvar Monsters can walk steep stairs.
mon_helpfriends bool on/off netvar
mon_distfriend int 0 to 1024 netvar Distance friends stay away.
skin string length 256 netvar Player skin setting.
comp_* bool on/off netvar These are the various compatibility options. See the equivalent comp_* fields from the OPTIONS lump for a full list of variables.