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Used by the Heretic Gauntlets of the Necromancer attack.




  • is_powered: 0 for the normal version, 1 for the Tome of Power version.


From base/heretic/player.edf, the base Gauntlet:

   GAUN B 4 A_PlaySoundEX(ht_gntuse, idle)
   GAUN C 4
   GAUN DEF 4 bright A_GauntletAttack(0)
   GAUN C 4 A_ReFire
   GAUN B 4 A_Light0
   goto Ready

The powered Gauntlet:

   GAUN J 4 A_PlaySoundEX(ht_gntuse, idle)
   GAUN K 4
   GAUN LMN 4 bright A_GauntletAttack(1)
   GAUN K 4 A_ReFire
   GAUN J 4 A_Light0
   goto Ready


Must be called from a player weapon state. Shifts the weapon sprite randomly. It will then do a melee hitscan of damage 2 * 1d8 (2-16) accordingly:

  • if unpowered, at range 64, using pufftype HereticGauntletPuff1, at "never" precision. If hitting, it will play sound dehackednum 409 (ht_gnthit).
  • if powered, at range 256, using pufftype HereticGauntletPuff2, and at a precision twice better than "never". If hitting, it will steal life as half the damage until hitting playerclass maxhealth and will play sound dehackednum 410 (ht_gntpow).

It will randomly light up the area at all levels.

If missing, it will play sound dehackednum 408 (ht_gntful). If hitting, it will also shake player's angle and activate its JUSTATTACKED flag, which causes them to move ahead.

As in the examples above, it's important to call Light0 on the end of the sequence, because this codepointer affects player's light level.

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