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Player class[edit]

playerclass name
    defaultskin name
    thingtype name
    altattackstate name
    initialhealth number  // default: 100

    speedwalk number      // default: 25
    speedrun number       // default: 50
    speedstrafe number    // default: 24
    speedstraferun number // default: 40
    speedturn number      // default: 640
    speedturnfast number  // default: 1280
    speedturnslow number  // default: 320
    speedlookslow number  // default: 450
    speedlookfast number  // default: 512

    default boolean       // default: false

    rebornitem name, amount

    weaponslot 1 { clear }
    weaponslot 2 { weapons: Chainsaw, Fist }

By default, under the base folder, in the root player.edf, there are two classes defined: DoomMarine (only if game is Doom) and Corvus (only if game is Heretic). Any of these classes may be redefined in mods, there's no need for a delta structure. So if you want to change the player speed and initial health, you can do so in mods by redefining game's default class.

You can also define a new player class and make it the default by setting default true .

Player skin[edit]

skin name
    sprite name      // default: PLAY
    faces prefix     // default: STF
        pain name    // default: plpain
        diehi name   // default: pdiehi
        oof name     // default: oof
        gib name     // default: slop
        punch name   // default: punch
        radio name   // default: radio
        die name     // default: pldeth
        fall name    // default: plfall
        feet name    // default: plfeet
        fallhit name // default: fallht
        plwdth name  // default: plwdth
        noway name   // default: noway

Skins are options for the player to appear differently. Despite the "skin" name, it means changing both the graphics and sounds, just without changing the player class (behaviour).

Any skin you define will appear in the menu in the "Player Setup" section as an option.

The default skins are "marine" for Doom and "corvus" for Heretic. You can redefine your own "marine" or "corvus" skin in your mod's EDF and it will replace the default player skin. Do this if you want to change the sprite and sound of the protagonist.

The fields are:

  • sprite
Sprite to replace the default player's with.
  • faces
DOOM status bar graphics lump prefix replacement.
  • sounds
Optional replacement sounds for common player sounds. Use EDF sound names.

See also[edit]

  • S_SKIN: cross-port non-EDF alternative format