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Explosion effect of Bouncing BFG weapon.




No parameters.


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This BFG does not do any tracer-based damage. Instead, 40 test traces are fired in a circular pattern from the point of explosion. The first of these tracers to hit a living object selects that object as the target. If the same object was targetted just prior in this weapon's propagation process, it will not be targetted again and the process will stop. If this is the 16th time the process has repeated, the process will also stop. If a valid target is acquired, a new BFGShot projectile will be fired from the current projectile's location toward the target. This bouncing can occur up to 16 times, as noted before.

This effect will not work unless the original projectile was fired by the FireBFG player gun codepointer.

This codepointer overrides BFGSpray if its gameplay setting is enabled.

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