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Explosion effect of BFG 11k weapon, introduced in the SMMU port.




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Designed for more balanced play in deathmatch, this BFG works very differently from the vanilla BFG9000.

First, if the BFG ball explodes closer than 96 units to its originator, the originator will take damage proportional to that distance. The damage calculation is the sum of floor(48 - (distance / 2)) rolls of an 8-sided die. At 95 units away, the damage is 0. At 0 units away, the damage ranges from 48 to 384. The originator is hit directly for this damage, and a BFGFlash object is spawned at his/her location.

40 tracers will be fired out in a circular pattern from the explosion location. These tracers cannot hit the originator of the missile. These tracers will hit for damage equal to the sum of 20 rolls of an 8-sided die (damage range per tracer is 20 to 160, damage range of all tracers together is 800 to 6400). When a target is hit, an BFGFlash object will be spawned at its location.

This codepointer overrides BFGSpray if its gameplay setting is enabled.

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