A Nailbomb

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Nailbomb(explo_damage, explo_radius, num_nails, dmg_factor, dmg_mod, pufftype)

  • explo_damage: maximum damage of explosion within radius. Default: 128.
  • explo_radius: the circular range of the explosion. Default: 128.
  • num_nails: number of bullets to fire around the explosion. Default: 30.
  • dmg_factor: damage multiplier of each bullet. Default: 10.
  • dmg_mod: damage randomness range for each bullet. The formula is dmg_factor * random(1, dmg_mod). For example to achieve the zombieman damage of 3-15, have dmg_factor = 3 and dmg_mod = 5. This argument is capped between 1 and 256. Default: 1 (so the default Nailbomb bullets do exactly 10 damage each).
  • pufftype: optional field for the pufftype to spawn when the bullets hit walls. The default is dependent on the current game type.

Causes a blast radius attack with given radius and max damage, and then fires bullet tracers in a circular spread. New to SMMU, enhanced by Eternity.

Works with PlayerThunk.

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