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Type: Miscellaneous, parameterized

Parameter Information:

  • misc1 = Fixed-point launch angle factor (default of 0 = 4 units)
  • misc2 = Fixed-point missile momentum factor (default of 0 = 1/2 unit)
  • Args1 = DeHackEd number of thing type to spawn (default of 0 = MancubusShot)

Purpose: Causes a mushroom cloud effect. The object will first call the Explode codepointer for primary blast radius damage. Then, a number of MancubusShot projectiles proportional to the object's missile damage field will be launched into the air in a circular pattern, using the angle and speed parameters provided in the current frame. This codepointer is new to MBF.

Notes: The Args1 parameter is new to Eternity Engine v3.31 beta 4. It allows the thing type fired to be overridden. If this parameter is not provided, the default MancubusShot will be used.

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