List of maps and mods made for Eternity

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This is a list of maps and mods designed to work with Eternity. They're either exclusively for Eternity or made to work both with Eternity and another advanced port (e.g. ZDoom). All the Boom-compatible wads are not listed here.

NOTE: the list may be incomplete, check if anything new was added in the meantime.


Name Author Notes
Caverns of Darkness Chaos Crew (Doom wiki link) actually uses a modified version of old DOS Eternity. You can load it with DOSBox or similar emulators, but you may need extra setup.
Cubic Worlds stewboy
De Kerker (The Dungeon) ravage
Doom: The Lost Episode Xaser et al. designed for ZDoom and Eternity.
Dread Moon Gwarl
DSV Episode 4: The Revolution Samuel Villarreal et al. does not work with modern Eternity due to using FraggleScript)
Heartland skillsaw
In search Misty
It goes away in the end Misty
Light Pollution NokturnuS
Maniac Ridge Max "Altazimuth" Waine
Mothership Albatross
Ogro Power Facility Stephen "SoM" McGranahan
solid.pke anotak
Tarnsman's Projectile Hell Tarnsman
Vaporware Demo: direct download link esselfortium
Waste Vats stewboy