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BFGSpray is a codepointer which causes a BFG explosion effect.




No parameters.


From base\doom\frames.edf:

frame S_BFGLAND3 { cmp = "BFE1|2|T|8|BFGSpray|@next";       dehackednum = 119 }


The effect differs depending on the player's selected type of BFG:

  • Normal BFG: 40 tracers will emanate from the object which fired the projectile in the general direction in which the projectile was fired, each doing damage that is the sum of 15 rolls of an 8-sided die.
  • BFG11K: Control is transferred to the BFG11KHit codepointer.
  • Bouncing BFG: Control is transferred to the BouncingBFG codepointer.
  • Plasma Burst BFG: Control is transferred to the BFGBurst codepointer.

Note: this will not trigger the Doom beta BFG attack if its gameplay setting is enabled. There is a separate set of frames for the classic BFG that replace the normal BFG9000.

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