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FireCustomBullets is a parameterized player weapon codepointer. This codepointer can be used for the construction of custom player bullet weapons. The sound, accuracy, number of tracers, and randomized damage range of the tracers are all selectable via the argument fields.


FireCustomBullets (soundname, accuracy, tracers, dmgfactor, dmgmod, flashstate[, horizontal, vertical[, pufftype]])


  • soundname: The "nice name" of the sound to play. See the sound EDF block for how to define this.
  • accuracy: Select accuracy type:
    • always: Always accurate on every shot.
    • first: Accurate on first fire only ("never" accurate afterward)
    • never: Never accurate (5-degree horizontal spread with no vertical error)
    • ssg: Super Shotgun accuracy (10-degree horizontal spread with 5-degree vertical error)
    • monster: Monster accuracy (20-degree horizontal spread)
    • custom: custom accuracy. Use horizontal and vertical arguments to specify the spread.
  • tracers: Number of bullet tracers to fire.
  • dmgfactor: Damage factor. Damage formula is: dmgfactor * ((rnd%dmgmod) + 1))
  • dmgmod: Damage modulus (Clamped into range of 1 to 256)
  • flashstate: optional flash state to display. If 0, it will use weapon's defined flash state.
  • horizontal: if accuracy is custom, specify the overall horizontal spread in degrees (as opposed to spread each side of firing thing's current angle). Keep in mind the distribution is not uniform; it's concentrated on the centre, just like the preset spread types.
  • vertical: also if accuracy is custom, specify the overall vertical spread. Same distribution as for horizontal.
  • pufftype: name of EDF pufftype to spawn when hitting walls. Default is the one designated for the current game.


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It is possible to recreate any of the other bullet attacks in the game using this pointer, as well as create many totally new ones.

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