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CustomPlayerMelee is a parameterized player weapon codepointer. This codepointer allows construction of custom player melee attacks. Two major classes of attacks are possible: punch-style and chainsaw-style, depending on the parameters given.


CustomPlayerMelee (dmgfactor, dmgmod [, berserk [, deflection [, soundname[, range[, pufftype]]]]])


  • dmgfactor: Damage factor. Damage formula is: dmgfactor * ((rnd%dmgmod) + 1)
  • dmgmod: Damage modulus. (Clamped into range of 1 to 256)
  • berserk: Berserk multiplier. (Default 0, x*damage when player is berserk)
  • deflection: Select angle deflection type. (Default None)
    • none = None
    • punch = Punch-style deflection (player will face object)
    • chainsaw = Chainsaw-style deflection (player will face object and be wiggled around)
  • soundname: The "nice name" of the sound to play. See the sound EDF block for how to define this.
  • range: The range of fire, as a floating-point value. Default: 64.0.
  • pufftype: name of EDF pufftype to spawn when hitting walls. Default is the one designated for the current game.


A_CustomPlayerMelee(2, 10, 10, punch, punch, BulletPuff)


The Berserk multiplier can be applied to any attack, but that if it is 0, you will do zero damage when berserk! The Berserk multiplier should be 1 when no berserk bonus is desired.

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