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Howdy; I'm Altazimuth, though feel free to abbreviate it as you wish. I am a contributor to the Eternity Engine, as well as a member of Team Eternity. When unable to contribute to the codebase I try to improve documentation and general article quality around here. My end goals are to assist in making modding for the Eternity Engine easier, improve its adoption, and make it a more complete and featureful engine.

Things I've done that I'm proud enough to list here:

  • Complete inventory support.
  • Add EDF pickup support.
  • Add EDF weapon support.
  • Migrate Eternity to SDL2.
  • Probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

Eternity-related things I'm working on:

  • Improving documentation of features on this wiki (EDF tutorials and action specials in particular).
  • Improving, or adding, Eternity UDMF support in SLADE3 and GZDoomBuilder.
  • Bugfix, add in small quality-of-life changes.