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For information on EDF thingtype flags, see Thing type flags.

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New to BOOM[edit]

BOOM has implemented two new thing flags, not in DM and not in COOP, which in combination with the existing not in Single flag, usually called Multiplayer, allow complete control over a level's inventory and monsters, in any game mode.

If you want a thing to be only available in Single play, you set both the not in DM and not in COOP flags. Other combinations are similar.

not in DM is bit 5, value 32, in the thing flags word.
not in COOP is bit 6, value 64, in the thing flags word.

New to MBF[edit]

MBF introduces one new mapthing flag

friendly is bit 7, value 128, in the thing flags word.

This flag may be placed on any object, but will only have an effect on sentient enemies. When given this flag, a thing will use MBF's friendly entity logic, and will help the player to defeat enemies in the level.

To use this flag, you must manually add the value 128 to the thing's flags using either DETH's "enter value" menu, or a tool such as CLED which can manipulate any level data field.

Bit 8, value 256, has been reserved for detecting editors which set flags they do not understand. It should not be set or else all extended flags will be cleared.

New to Eternity[edit]

Eternity introduces one new mapthing flag

dormant is bit 9, value 512, in the thing flags word.

Things given this flag are invincible and will remain in their spawn state until a script calls the objawaken function on them, from which point onward they act normally.