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Injures all things whose TIDs match the value in tid. The inflictor and source are optional parameters, and if allowed to default, enemies will not blame anyone for the damage done to them and will appear to ignore it aside from feeling pain. Otherwise, the parameters have the functions as noted below.

Inflictors are typically used for missiles and blast radii. For direct damage such as scratching, inflictor and source should refer to the same object.

Note that if more than one object has the TID referred to by inflictor or source, the first one found by the game engine will be used. Which object will be picked in that situation is not easily predictable (note this does not apply to objects referred to via reserved TID values such as _TID_TRIGGER, which are always unambiguous).


native _ThingHurt(tid, damage, _mods:mod = _MOD_UNKNOWN, inflictor = 0, source = 0);


  • tid : ID of the thing(s) to injure.
  • damage : Amount of health to subtract from each thing.
  • mods:mod : Means of death flag.
  • inflictor : Optional TID of a single object which is directly causing this damage.
  • source : Optional TID of a single object which is ultimately responsible for this damage. This is the object which enemies will blame for the damage done to them.

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