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Enhanced version of Spawn, easily compatible with Decorate syntax, unlike the former.


SpawnEx(thingtype, flags, forward, left, up, forward_velocity, left_velocity, up_velocity, angle, chance)


  • thingtype: name of thingtype to spawn. Required.
  • flags: optional combination (default none) of the following:
  • AbsoluteAngle: do not add actor's angle to angle.
  • AbsoluteVelocity: do not set velocity's direction relative to angle.
  • AbsolutePosition: use forward, left, up to mean absolute x, y respectively z instead, as map editor coordinates and not relative to actor.
  • CheckPosition: avoid spawning thing if blocked.
  • forward/left/up: distance in angle's direction relative to actor and total angle. Defaults 0.
  • forward/left/up_velocity: optional velocity to give spawned thing, also relative to actor and total angle. Defaults 0.
  • angle: extra angle to add to actor angle when determining offset and velocity to spawn. Default 0.
  • chance: chance out of 256 that it will spawn. Default is 256 (always).


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