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SetTics(baseamt, rnd, counter)

  • baseamt: base amount
If the counter field is set as constant, baseamt designates the base (non-random) number to set the frame duration to. If counter is set as counter, baseamt designates the counter number (0 to 7) containing the value.
  • rnd: randomizer modulus value (0 == not randomized)
If nonzero and positive, a random number between 0 and rnd - 1 will be added to baseamt when setting the frame duration.
  • counter: counter toggle
Can be one of the following values:
  • 0 or constant: baseamt is a direct value
  • 1 or counter: baseamt is a counter number containing the useful value

SetTics is a parameterized codepointer to set a thing's calling frame tics (duration) value. It can be used to vary the duration of thing frames dynamically and/or randomly. The duration is set by this range: baseamt to baseamt + rnd - 1. Rnd can be zero to disable the randomness.