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Currently disabled. Was used from player weapon frames to call scripts.


PlayerStartScript(scriptnum, selectvm, params[0], params[1], params[2])


  • scriptnum: Number of script to call.
  • selectvm: Virtual machine to use:
    • (deprecated)0 or gamescript: Small game (global) script.
    • (deprecated)1 or levelscript: Small level (map) script.
  • params: Up to three parameters for the called script function.


No examples given.


Since Small scripting has been removed from Eternity, this codepointer has no effect. To be able to call ACS scripts (which use selectvm = 2, which isn't supported by this function), use StartScript instead.

The semantic difference between PlayerStartScript and StartScript is that this one considers the call being made from a player weapon, the latter is called from a map object.

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