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Type: Miscellaneous, normal

Purpose: Part of pod generator code, called by pod generators to spawn pods. The object's Counter 0 field is used to track the number of pods currently owned by this generator. If that number is higher than 16, no more pods will be spawned (this limit is necessary to avoid overcrowding of areas with pods). Provided that there are not too many pods, the generator will attempt to create a new Pod object at its location. If the generator's location is blocked by a solid object, the pod will be removed immediately. Otherwise, the pod object will transfer to the S_POD_GROW1 frame and will emit the Heretic NEWPOD sound effect. It will then be given random momenta, and one of its internal fields will be set to point back to the pod generator so that the generator can later be notified of the pod's destruction. New to Eternity.

Thunk: Yes.