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GenRefire is a refire check codepointer -- similar to CPosRefire and SpidRefire, it is used to let a monster go back to another state if the target is out of sight, dead or inexistent. Unlike those, it is customizable.


GenRefire(statenum, chance)


  • statenum: mnemonic of frame to jump to when out of sight.
  • chance: chance out of 256 that the monster will continue firing even if out of sight.


This codepointer includes a call to FaceTarget. Also, if the actor is FRIEND and has similar fellows in the line of fire, it will switch to statenum without checking for chance.

SpidRefire is equivalent to calling GenRefire(<monster's see state>, 10) and CPosRefire is equivalent to GenRefire(<monster's see state>, 40).

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