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An exit linedef type ends the current level bringing up the intermission screen with its report of kills/items/secrets or frags in the case of deathmatch. Obviously, none are retriggerable, and none require tags, since no sector is affected.

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Exit Varieties[edit]

An exit can be activated by pushing on a switch with the exit type or by walking over a linedef with the exit type, or by shooting a linedef with the exit type with an impact weapon.

An exit can be normal or secret. The normal exit simply ends the level and takes you to the next level via the intermission screen. A secret exit only works in a special level depending on the IWAD being played. In DOOM the secret exits can be on E1M3, E2M5, or E3M6. In DOOM II they can be in levels 15 and 31. If a secret exit is used in any other level, it brings you back to the start of the current level. In DOOM the secret exits go from E1M3 to E1M9, E2M5 to E2M9, and E3M6 to E3M9. In DOOM II they go from 15 to 31 and from 31 to 32. In DOOM II a normal exit from 31 or 32 goes to level 16.

Exit Linedef Types[edit]

# Class Trigger Type
11 Regular S1 Normal
52 Regular W1 Normal
197 Extended G1 Normal
51 Regular S1 Secret
124 Regular W1 Secret
198 Extended G1 Secret

Parameterized types[edit]

The following special counts as parameterized, and in consequence can be used in ExtraData or ACS:

  • 400:Teleport_EndGame
Ends the game in victory.