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There is one sprite-related variables which may be specified in user EDF files:

  • blanksprite: sets the sprite to be used when objects or guns attempt to use a sprite which has no graphics loaded. This must be one of the four-character sprite mnemonics defined in the spritenames array. If not provided in any EDF file, this variable defaults to the value "TNT1" (and if TNT1 is not defined in that case, an error will occur).

This value is parsed immediately after the sprite name list is loaded, and can be placed anywhere. If defined more than once, the last definition encountered takes precedence. These values must be defined at the topmost level of an EDF file.

NOTE: playersprite is obsolete and no longer has any effect.


blanksprite <sprite mnemonic>

Full example[edit]

# set the blank sprite to FOO1
blanksprite = FOO1