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This block, which is mostly useless, allows you to edit various properties of the internal sound table. Most of the fields in this section are now obsolete, and in fact, most never worked to begin with. This entire block might become deprecated or obsolete in the future, so avoid using it.

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A brief explanation of the syntax description:

Items in angle brackets (< >) are required.

Items in square brackets ([ ]) are optional.

Items in italics are obsolete.

All fields in the block are optional. Fields not provided will not be changed.

  Sound <sound number>
  Offset = <number>
  Zero/One = <number>
  Zero 1 = <number>
  Zero 2 = <number>
  Zero 3 = <number>
  Zero 4 = <number>
  Neg. One 1 = <number>
  Neg. One 2 = <number>
Explanation of special information: 

sound number is a sound DeHackEd number. The DeHackEd number of a sound is defined in its EDF sound definition. The sound entry with DeHackEd number 0 is a dummy and should not be edited.


Offset = <number>[edit]

Obsolete. This field was a pointer to the sound's name, stored in the executable. Eternity cannot support editing of this field.

Zero/One = <number>[edit]

Singularity value of the sound. Positive values will cause the sound to be put in a class with sounds of the same value, such that only one sound in the class will play at a time. Values will not be documented here; see the EDF documentation.

Value = <number>[edit]

Relative priority value of this sound. When all sound channels are exhausted, sounds of the lowest priority will be stopped first.

Zero 1 = <number>[edit]

Obsolete. Internal field, was used as a pointer to redirect this sound entry to another sound. Eternity cannot support editing of this field via DeHackEd for security reasons.

Zero 2 = <number>[edit]

A pitch value for the sound. This field is internal.

Zero 3 = <number>[edit]

A volume value for the sound. This field is internal.

Zero 4 = <number>[edit]

Obsolete. Internal field, used as a pointer to the cached lump data. Eternity cannot allow editing of this field for security reasons.

Neg. One 1 = <number>[edit]

Usefulness value. Not used.

Neg. One 2 = <number>[edit]

Obsolete. Was used as lump number of sound, to avoid repeated lookups. Eternity no longer has this field, and could not support it anyways due to security issues.