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This block allows editing of some of the cheat codes.

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A brief explanation of the syntax description:

Items in angle brackets (< >) are required.

Items in square brackets ([ ]) are optional.

All fields in the block are optional. Fields not provided will not be changed.

  Cheat [0]
  Change music = <string>
  Chainsaw = <string>
  God mode = <string>
  Ammo & Keys = <string>
  Ammo = <string>
  No Clipping 1 = <string>
  No Clipping 2 = <string>
  Invincibility = <string>
  Berserk = <string>
  Invisibility = <string>
  Radiation Suit = <string>
  Auto-map = <string>
  Lite-amp Goggles = <string>
  BEHOLD menu = <string>
  Level Warp = <string>
  Player Position = <string>

Explanation of special information:

0 is a number which was put next to the "Cheat" token in order for the original DeHackEd program's parser to be more uniform. Eternity ignores everything on this line after the word Cheat, and so this is optional.

string is a cheat as it will be literally typed. Note that in old DeHackEd files, the cheat strings were limited to the original length, and if they were shorter, were padded out to the same length with ASCII character 255. Eternity does not place any limitation on cheat length, and if ASCII 255 characters are present, they will be ignored.