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This block allows editing of ammo type characteristics, including the max ammo value for that type, and the amount of ammo collected in a basic "clip" item.

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A brief explanation of the syntax description:

Items in angle brackets (< >) are required.

Items in square brackets ([ ]) are optional.

All fields in the block are optional. Fields not provided will not be changed.

  Ammo <ammo number>
  Max ammo = <number>
  Per ammo = <number>

Explanation of special information:

ammo number is an ammo type number, which must be one of the following:

  Number  Ammo type
  0       Bullets
  1       Shells
  2       Cells
  3       Rockets


Max ammo = <number>[edit]

Specifies the player's normal maximum carrying amount for this type of ammo. This number is doubled when the player picks up a backpack / bag of holding.

Per ammo = <number>[edit]

This is the amount of ammo the player collects by picking up a "small" ammo item of this type. This number is multiplied by five for the larger item of the same type. The basic value is doubled in the "I'm Too Young to Die" and "Nightmare" difficulties.