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A crusher ceiling is a linedef type that causes the ceiling to cycle between its starting height and 8 above the floor, damaging monsters and players that happen to be in between. Barrels explode when crushed.

Once a crusher ceiling is started it remains running for the remainder of the level even if temporarily suspended with a stop type. No other ceiling action can be used in that sector thereafter.

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Varieties of Crushers[edit]

A crusher can be activated by pushing on a linedef bounding it (generalized types only), or by pushing on a switch with the same tag as the crusher sector, or by walking over a linedef with the same tag as the crusher, or by shooting a linedef with the same tag as the crusher with an impact weapon (generalized types only).

A crusher has a speed: slow, normal, fast, or turbo. The slower the speed, the more damage the crusher does when crushing, simply thru being applied longer. When a slow or normal crusher is moving down and encounters something to crush, it slows down even more, by a factor of 8. This persists until it reaches bottom of stroke and starts up again. Fast and turbo crushers do not slow down.

A crusher can be silent. The regular silent crusher makes platform stop and start noises at top and bottom of stroke. The generalized silent crusher is completely quiet.

A crusher linedef is provided to stop a crusher in its current position. Care should be used that this doesn't lock the player out of an area of the wad if the crusher is too low to pass. A crusher can be restarted, but not changed, with any crusher linedef.

Crusher Linedef Types[edit]

Regular and Extended Crusher Types
#     Class  Trig   Spd  Mon Silent Action

184   Ext    SR     Slow No  No     Start
49    Reg    S1     Slow No  No     Start
73    Reg    WR     Slow No  No     Start
25    Reg    W1     Slow No  No     Start

183   Ext    SR     Fast No  No     Start
164   Ext    S1     Fast No  No     Start
77    Reg    WR     Fast No  No     Start
6     Reg    W1     Fast No  No     Start

185   Ext    SR     Slow No  Yes    Start
165   Ext    S1     Slow No  Yes    Start
150   Ext    WR     Slow No  Yes    Start
141   Reg    W1     Slow No  Yes    Start

188   Ext    SR     ---- --  --     Stop
168   Ext    S1     ---- --  --     Stop
74    Reg    WR     ---- --  --     Stop
57    Reg    W1     ---- --  --     Stop

Generalized Crusher Types
#      Class   Trig   Spd    Mon  Silent

2F80H- Gen     D1/DR  Slow   Yes  Yes
2FFFH          S1/SR  Normal No   No
               W1/WR  Fast        
               G1/GR  Turbo